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Angelo State University

No description

Tyler Garcia

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Angelo State University

Early Years
Angelo State was founded in 1928, but the schools original name was 'San Angelo College.' When San Angelo College started it was a 2 year Jr. College then later on it became a 4 year university along with 2 more name changes (Angelo State College, and finally Angelo State University.)
The founder of ASU was the city of San Angelo.
Interesting fact.. In 1923 the city of San Angelo put a bid to be home of Texas Technology University (Texas Tech), but the bid was rejected.
The president of ASU's name is Dr. Brian J. May. He was appointed the position on November 5, 2012, and Dr. May has been the 5th president of ASU and the 10th president of the institution since it started as San Angelo Junior College in 1928. Dr. May also graduated from Angelo State and became the first ASU grad to become the president.
ASU was appart of the Texas State University system since 1970 and in 2007 the Angelo State alumni voted to request a movement to the Texas Tech system.
ASU's mascots names are Roscoe and Bella.
ASU Facts
The Angelo State campus is 268 acres. but the size of the campus is just the right size to hold the 6,536 students who attend the college.
The semester cost for in-state tuition and fees for 15 hours is $3,788, Room and Board with the max meal plan is between $3,676 and $4,814 depending on hall choice.
The average text book costs $575. Some text book cost may vary.
More ASU Facts
Every 3 out of 4 ASU students get financial help one way or another.
ASU provides over 100 student organizations such as; ROTC, Band, Soroities, Fraternities, and more...
ASU also provides 100+ major degrees, 43 undergraduate degrees, 20 masters programs, and 1 doctoral degree (Physical Therapy) that was approved in 2012.
Surounding Area Activities
Some activities here are going to some bars like Fat Bosses, Steel Penny Pub and many more.
The San Angelo Colts are here but at the end of the season and there's also the Bandits are here they're an Arena football team.
Angelo State University
About ASU
Straight ahead
Angelo State offers a special kind of scholarship called 'The Blue and Gold Guarantee Program' this scholarship covers up to eight semesters (summers not included) of tuition and mandatory fees for students who are demonstrating financial need.
There is also a scholarship for student athletes who graduated with a 2.50 GPA or better.
Also students who are recieving scholarships are required to attend school full time (at least 12 credit hours per week.)
Intramural Sports
Angelo State offers intramural sports to the students who just want to hang out and have fun with their friends while still competing against other teams at the school.
Some of the intramural sports that you can play is flag football and basketball, but there are some differences to both of them, like 4 on 4 men, 4 on 4 co-ed, 7 on 7 men, and 7 on 7 co-ed. But basketball, there is 2 options, 1 is you can have an all men on your team or you can have a girl on your team, but she has to be on the court at all times.
ASU just installed Cowboy-Grade turf which cost $1.6 million dollars
Facts about ASU
At ASU only 17.3% of the students gradute on time (with 2 or 4 years depending on the degree type).
Only 31.8% of the students graduate at ALL.
These statisics ranks ASU below the averavge in both categories when compared nationally.
ASU's on -time graduation rate is 17%.
ASU will accept you with an ACT score between 18-23 for Composite, 17-23 for Englsh, 18-24 for Math, and nothing for Writing.
42% of the people who apply to ASU are males and 42% of them get accepted, and 47% of them are enrolled. The other 58% of the people who apply are females, 58% of those females are accepted, and 53% of those females are enrolled.
My Questions
What's the lowest your GPA can get before they put you on probation
How do I figure out the names of the buildings I need to be at?
How often do people walk onto the football team?
How successful is their sports program?
What is the BEST program at ASU?
How successful is the band program?
How can you get to know your professor?
What's the ROTC ranked in the state?
How many students get jobs in their degrees right away?
What's the average class size?
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