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No description

Cielo Bacarisas

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of The UDL


Provide options for perception
customize display by using larger text and good color contrast
Provide options for comprehension
Provide options for language, mathematical expressions and symbols
Provide options for physical action
Provide options for executive functions
Guide appropriate goal-setting.
Enhance capacity for monitoring progress.
Facilitate managing information and resources.
Provide options for expression and communication
Use multiple media for expression and communication (powerpoint, prezi, bubbl, edmodo, khan academy, padlet, quizlet)
use multiple tools for construction and composition.
Provide options for sustaining effort and persistence
Use more cooperative group activities.
Utilize brain breaks.
Post goals of the lesson together with the agenda of the day.
Use more mastery-oriented feedback like stickers, top scores, and class CHEERios.
Provide options for recruiting interest
Optimize individual choice and autonomy using "stations", flexible grouping and "anchor activities".
Optimize value and authenticity by letting students collect and interpret real-world data.
Minimize threats and distractions by establishing a collaborative and supportive atmosphere at the start of the school year.
Provide Multiple Means of Representation
Provide Multiple Means of Engagement
Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression
Provide options
for self-regulation
by Cielo Bacarisas
use of multiple sensory modalities
use manipulatives
Do this!
I will continue to do this.
Use better "Word Wall"
Like this vocabulary squares.
Continue to use multi-media presentations: graphs, chart, words...
Play this video!
Provide options for visualization.
Guide information processing, highlight critical features, big ideas, and relationships.
More visualization of important concepts.
Activate or supply background knowledge.
Use this!
With this!
Optimize access to tools and assistive technology.
Vary methods for response.
Smart Response Clickers
Graphing Utility Calculators
Airliner for those who are hesitant to come to the front of class.
Document camera to showcase students work.
Use alternative assessment like posters.
or stop-motion animation!
Use better note-taking guide
Use more thinking maps.
Continue to use my progress chart.
Continue to use PBIS strategies.
Develop self-assessment and reflection.
I will use my Student Performance Tracker consistently.
Play this video!
Play this video!
I will continue to do more of this.
Play this video!
I will continue to do these activities
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