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khushi sharma

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of urbanization


quality of life
-good life style
-unemployment rate is high
-world famous tourist attractions
-5th major tourist city in Europe
-good climate
-housing in Barcelona is a problem
-health and education is very good
-very good food
-good public transit
- good sanitation good health care
-spanish food is world famous
-no green/smart technology
-multicultural city
-very diverse
-very cold winters
-not the cleanest city (pollution)
-good education
-in 2015 toronto was named most liveable city
-good heath care
-good public transit
-no major green/smart technology

-in 2013 Barcelona developed a urban platform/new architecture
-smart transportation,in 2012 Barcelona had developed a plan to improve public transportation
-the city has developed a plan to achieve greater energy efficiency
-they have developed a master plan that includes to remotely control street level lighting
monday, april 29, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Barcelona attractions
-The GDP for Barcelona in 2012 was 170 billion (we couldn't find the most recent GDP)
-GDP per capital is $28,510
-we could not find the GDP per person
sagarda familia
hi my name is khushi,avneet, anza and delon and today we will be comparing two cities Barcelona (developing city ) and Toronto (developed city ).we will be telling you about the infrastructure of the cities, the quality of life some attractions etc.

gaudi Barcelona park geull
-the education in Barcelona is free
-they attend school from the age 3 onwards
-the system includes education to suit students with special needs
-the learning of there home language is available but optional
-every child has a legal right to there education
-there is no coast to attend public schools
-there are alot of varities of schools public, private, catholic, religious, french, ect
-you have to pay for private schools
-the kids usually start schools at the age of 4
here are some Barcelona attractions
the gothic quarter is a center of the old city of Barcelona
sargada famiile
is a roman catholic church

camp nou
soccer field in Barcelona

BARCELONA faces a lot of problems like:
-The unemployment rate is high
-getting a house is also a problem its very hard to find a house

magic fountain
it is an area where they put on a show
Toronto attractions
how could Canada benefit trade from Barcelona
we think that trading with Barcelona(Spain) is not the best idea yes Canada can trade but Barcelona has no really advanced technology that we all ready don't have also Barcelona (Spain) export some stuff that Canada exports to like natural resources car parts etc

cn tower : observation tower
canadas wonderland :canada biggest amusement park
air Canada center:multipurpose indoor sporting arena
rogers center: multipurpose stadium
-Barcelona has a democratic government
-toronto has a democratic government
now we have come to the end of the presentation we hope you enjoyed and have learned something.
by:khushi,avneet, anza and delon
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