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Converting Systems to ERP

Pak Elektron Limited


on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Converting Systems to ERP

Traditional SaaS Model b) sustain losses for n-years c) Recoup as you pivot business a) Acquire clients @ high cost ERP Pak Elektron Limited Framework Project for the company's all business processes PEL Case Study: Converting Systems to Company Industry Location Pak Elektron Limited Manufacturing Mission Converting Systems to ERP Is this the only way? LET"S GOOGLE IT! 2012 Kitty Yip Setenay Özbek sinan Deniz Suggestions on how to facilitate the system conversion Recommendations on another solution Barriers to the system conversion Group 7 @Kitty Sinan Deniz To the attention of ... Thank You for Listening Dear Audience,
Setenay Lund, SE Jeffrey Ellison Strategic point of view of
the ERP decision Don't forget to balance your team. & 19 Oct 2012 Pakistan Strategic Management Information Systems Jeff Barriers - 5Cs Topic I System Conversion Barriers Communication Fragment from the
"I Have A Dream" speech 1956 More than a quarter million people of diverse ethnicities attended the event, at the time, it was the largest gathering of protesters in Washington’s history. King’s speech electrified the crowd. It is regarded, along with Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Infamy Speech, as one of the finest speeches in the history of American oratory. Coretta Scott King
at the funeral 2012 | Evolution of PEL Short introduction to PEL Capital Capability Customization Compatibility Communication: The ERP Analysis Finance Staff Balanced Team Capital: Cash Flow Crisis Cost savings in all areas, including IT infrastructure Implementation of all manufacturing modules postponed Unable to move to Phase II Capabilities: Human Resources High staff turnover Lack of Oracle expertise Lack of Visual Pro Expertise Ameen's departure CIO's prolonged absence Customization & Compatibility:
Technology Isolated legacy systems No standards included in the design Inconsistency Conversion to Oracle's manufacturing solution requires an interim solution Difficult to integrate No close fit between existing processes and ERP PEL PEL - I PEL - II Topic II Strategic Point of View of the ERP Decision Advantages Drawbacks Project Stakeholders Strategically based needs Reports Dashboard Contact Intake Form Summary Demographics Growth Activity Contact Profile Advantages - Data Forecasting

- Improved Communication

- Improved Design Engineering

- Order Tracking and Simplified User Interface Modules

- Improved Management of Interdependencies

- Cost Matching of Product, Inventory, and Order Purchasing Drawbacks - Limited Customization Options

- Typical High Cost of New Software and Hardware

- Time & Resource Dependent

- Training & New Competencies

- Resistance to Change Project Stakeholders - Senior Management

- Board Members

- End Business Users Strategically Based Needs - Outdated Current Platform

- Platform Support

- Expanding Business

- New Platform for Future Growth

- Demand for System Performance, Functionality & Collaboration Topic III Suggestions on how to facilitate system conversion Understand the process Issues Plan Good Communication Quality of Leadership Education
Training Work Against Goals PEL - III PEL - IV Topic IV Recommendation on another solution Professional Manpower Project Scope Definition Business Process Re-engineering Top Management User Acceptance & Involvement TOP CSFs Professional Manpower Project Scope Definition Business Process Re-engineering Top Management User Acceptance & Involvement Socio - Technical Factors Affecting ERP Implementation Success in Pakistan {Shah et. al, 2011} 4- year graduate programs Qualified IT graduates Experimentation Experienced IT Professionals Risk Analysis Method (RAM) Identify the risk and their probability Includes employees from each organizational level Characteristics Analysis Method (CAM) Split IT projects into manageable sub-projects Process Modeling Tools Align your business processes with the standard ERP package Model business processes and automatically configure the software Formulate Advocate Strategic Vision Role Modeling Keep user tendency Facts, beliefs, values Formative actions Understand the process Issues Change Management Complex processes Why Change Management Change in whole company Detect issues Make improvement Foundation of change Plan Why to Change What will change When to Change Market the system Why Marketing Right Strategies Support Market the system Lack of company standard Lack of value in organizational culture
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