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Inquiry 1f

No description

Graham Morris

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Inquiry 1f

My Parent's Values This pitcure represents how my parent's
values have created a path for me to follow.
What they have experienced, and have passed
on to me has created a guide for me to follow
and has created a road for me to follow
that will help me become successful throughout life. My Trip to Costa Rica I believe that the cover to the movie
"Up In The Air" is a great metaphor for my trip
and how it affected me. In the movie, George Clooney
feels alone and surrounded by strangers and is
not wanting to talk to people and more or less
learn the "ways" of normal people. I had this type
of attitude when I went to Costa Rica, I was alone in
a country that spoke Spanish and I felt like I would
do better if i kept to myself. But throughout my journey I
realized that I needed to talk to people and force myself
to talk to others in order to fulfill my trip and make
it worthwhile.
Realization that I would not be attending UGA The Song
"Float On" by Modest Mouse The song float on, by modest mouse, can
sum up how I felt about not being able to attend the
University of Georgia. In the song the lyrics show that
no matter how bad the circumstance we must
"float on" in order to continue with life. If things get "too heavy"
we must continue and not let it affect us, because something
good will come from this and we can't see what it is
until we accept that everything will be fine. This is the
process I went through when I received the news that I would
not be able to attend UGA, and eventually realized this was a good
thing and would allow me to go to FSU and start my own legacy.
Inquiry 1F By: Graham Morris Personal Creed
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