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Evelyn Dick

The Torso Case

Kate Schilling

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Evelyn Dick

The trial of Evelyn Dick A Killer Vanishes It was Saturday, March 16, 1946 when a group
of children found what they thought to be the body of a headless pig laying part way down the side of a mountain. Further investigation concluded that it was in fact the body of a man, John Dick. The head, arms and legs were missing and nowhere to be found. A deep wound in the abdomen told investigators that someone had tried to cut the torso itself in two. Evelyn Dick was born to Donald and Alexandra MacLean on October 13, 1920 in Hamilton Ontario.
Her parents didn't get along and often spent time apart. Evelyn didn't associate much with the other children in the neighbourhood. With her parent's encouragement, Evelyn tried hard to become recognized in the upper-class portions of town. She would host lavish parties and spent money freely. Her social acceptance was never reciprocated in the way that she desired. Evelyn Dick responded to the news of the torso belonged to her husband by remarking "Don't look at me. I don't know anything about it". She then proceeded to tell a story about an Italian "hitman" who arrived at her door looking for John. Faced with this turn of events, and knowing that Bohozuk had been brought in for questioning, Evelyn changed her story. She said that Bohozuk had murdered Peter and her husband. Evidence including bullet holes in a pipe, a revolver and cartridges, and what were believed to be John's bloodstained shoes were found in her father Donald MacLean's basement. During her first trial, Evelyn was found guilty of John Dicks murder and was sentenced to death by hanging. The court believed that although she may not have killed John with her own two hands, she was guilty by participation in the planning and carrying out of the crime. By: Kate Schilling Suspicions immediately fell to his new wife Evelyn Dick. She bore two children to unknown fathers before giving birth to her final child Peter White in 1944. One evening, Evelyn astounded her mother by announcing she was marrying John Dick in two weeks. This confused her mother Alexandra, as she had never heard of him before. John and Evelyn had been married for almost a month before they began to reside together. Five days after her marriage she committed adultery with a man named Bill Bohozuk. Shortly after this affair, she and John separated. During the time of her investigation, police discovered a suitcase in Evelyn's attic. Inside was a thick block of cement and the remains of her infant son Peter whom no one had realized had been missing. When the case was appealed, the verdict was overturned because Evelyn's statements to the police were improperly admitted into evidence and the Judge had not instructed the jury properly. When Evelyn Dick refused to testify as the only witness for Bohozuk, the Judge had no choice but to rule not guilty. Donald was sentenced to five years in prison. Evelyn Dick was found guilty of manslaughter in the death of her
infant son. She was sentenced to life in Kingston Penitentiary but was granted parole in 1958 after serving 11 years. After her parole, Evelyn Dick disappeared. It has been said that she relocated to the west coast
of Canada and lived out the remainder of her days in isolation. If she was alive today, she would be 92 years old. The Torso murder case is one of the most talked about and sensational murder case in Canadian history and falls under the area of criminal law. Evelyn Dick exploded onto newspapers across the country. School children could be heard singing the tune:

You cut off his legs...
You cut off his arms...
You cut off his head...
How could you Mrs Dick?
How could you Mrs Dick? Many ask what prompted Evelyn's actions. The most probable cause was that John Dick was rumored to be having relations with an unknown women at the time of his and Evelyn's separation, causing her to become enraged and embarrassed. Psychiatrists found Evelyn to be on the borderline between having dull-normal and moron like intelligence. Also, they reported that she had the mental capacity of a 13 year old girl. In todays society, she could plead insanity due to the mental conditions stated. In order for a criminal offence to occur, two conditions must exist: actus reus- "a wrongful dead", and mens rea- "a guilty mind". In this case, the defense lawyer would have a strong arguement that Evelyn could not in fact form intent, therefore she did not fulfill the conditions required to commit the offence. Where Evelyn ended up will perhaps forever be a mystery. Thank-you for
your interest!
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