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No description

Kelly Tolley

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Ghosts

Ghosts of Jonesborough Do you believe? Every building has a story that it wants to share Can a building retain...
and then later reveal its memories? A residual haunting is caused by your "basic" ghost. You may hear a voice, or a noise, or you may even see an apparition if you experience this type of haunting. It is believed

that this type of ghost is not the type that will attempt to interact with the living. Extreme emotions can leave a lasting impression... Paranormal investigators have registered anomalies in this area of the graveyard. I was not aware of these readings when I was doing my field work. The next picture was not taken intentionally. It is an accidental shot of the tree located in that section of the graveyard. Is this nothing more than a simple imprint of energy that the deceased left behind when they were living? Jonesborough, TN is listed in the top 10 most haunted places in the USA. "Apparitions are often confused with hauntings. The difference is that apparitions are "live" (intelligent consciousness) and hauntings are "recordings".
LOYD AUERBACH Old Jonesborough Cemetery "All a skeptic is is someone who hasn't had an experience yet."
~Jason Hawes But first, let me show you the area of the graveyard we are speaking of... Extreme emotions can leave a lasting impression... click here first Is this an orb? The End....Or Is It??? The original town cemetery, dating back to 1772. Photobomb?! ~ Or ~
Just plain Creeeepy!! Can you see her looking out the window??
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