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Context Clues

No description

Donald Kotnik

on 30 September 2011

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Transcript of Context Clues

Context Clues Definition Example-Illustration Contrast / Antonym Root Words/Prefix/Suffix Grammar Synonym Inference The word is defined directly and clearly in the sentence in which it appears. Unlike Jamaal’s room, which was immaculate, Jeffrey’s room was very messy.

Whereas Melissa is quite lithe, her sister is clumsy and awkward. Some spiders spin silk with
tiny organs called spinnerets. The arbitrator, the neutral person
chosen to settle the dispute, arrived at
her decision. Readers understand the unknown word because
it is compared or contrasted with another word in
the sentence. Readers use their knowledge of root words, prefixes, and suffixes to figure out the unknown word. People who are terrified of spiders have arachnophobia. Readers use the word’s function in the sentence or its part of speech to figure out the unknown word. Most spiders live for about one year,
but tarantulas sometimes live for 20
years or more! Other words are used in the sentence with similar
meanings. The slender woman was so thin her
clothes were too big on her. Word meanings are not directly described, but need to be inferred from
the context. Walt’s pugnacious behavior made
his opponent back down. Readers use an example or
illustration to understand the
unknown word. Toads, frogs, and some birds are
predators that hunt and eat spiders. Most spiders molt five to ten times.
•His lack of sagacity caused him
to make one stupid decision after another
•The intrepid warrior led the assault on
the well guarded fortress. Cause and Effect
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