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ASSESS - September 2012

The Sheffield College Assessment Bulletin

Quality Unit

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of ASSESS - September 2012

The ‘Bright Ideas’ Project
By now most staff will have heard of the 'Bright Ideas' project, or may have been involved in a Bright Ideas session. Devised by Andy Stork Teaching and Learning Facilitator, the project was developed primarily to capture and share good teaching practice from and between each department within the college. The Bright Ideas project:
• Allows teaching staff to think about, and document, their best practice and to consider what works best for them
• Share teaching best practice during Bright Ideas training sessions
• Access easy to use ideas, teaching methods and resources that colleagues are using in their delivery
• Encourages teachers to discuss teaching methods
• Enables the gathering of best practice which will be inputted into a database of easy access resources
Teaching and Learning Facilitators have been gathering good practice over the past few months, you may have attended one of the Bright Ideas sessions during the recent development days? In this section of the bulletin I will be highlighting examples of good assessment practice gathered from the Bright Ideas sessions run within college departments. This first example comes from Mike Wicksteed, Teaching and Learning Facilitator...........

The Quality Unit welcomes your questions, views and good practice on all things
assessment. You can contact me directly on the details that follow, or alternatively
you can email our team via our
groupwise account.
The Quality Unit remit: "To ensure and enhance the Quality of The Sheffield
College in accordance with its vision, mission and strategic objective".
The Sheffield College Quality Unit

The Quality & Learning Enhancement Team consists of 8 core members of staff and additional posts seconded to the Quality Unit. Our remit is "To ensure and enhance the Quality of The Sheffield College in accordance with its vision, mission and strategic objectives". We achieve this through an extended team of Teaching and Learning Facilitators, Peer Support Mentors, Lead Internal Verifiers, Lesson Observers and you. Please find below a list of staff and their roles within the Unit.

Lesley Shepperson

AP Quality and Learning Enhancement
Maggie Carey

Quality Officer
Emma Brace

Quality Assessment and Standards Officer
James Fenwick
Quality Learning and Enhancement Administrator
Joan Rudder
HE Manager
Sue Fletcher
HE Administrator
Claire Williams
HE and Quality Operations Administrator
Sue Mullins
Professional Development Manager

Please contact me with any questions or comments for future bulletin content.
Tel: x 2135

Address: T612, Floor 6, City
3. Awarding Body Info...
4. News, key information
and updates
2. The Power of Outstanding Feedback
1. Introduction
6. Keeping in touch
thank you for reading!

including: Distance Traveled 2011/12

2. The Power of Outstanding Feedback

Ask the Student, CIF, and HE

3. Awarding Organisation Information
direct from our stakeholders

4. News, Key Info and Updates

from the: Quality Unit, HE, Ofsted and QCF

5. Training and Development
opportunities from: CACHE, NCFE, and TSC

6. Keeping in Touch

contact details for the Quality Unit

Course review is an essential aspect of the self-assessment process
and curriculum teams are currently updating their documents.

Please ensure that the following areas are updated:

- Attendance
- Progress
- Estimated success
- Recruitment
- Induction
- Initial Assessment
The HE Assessment/Exam Boards for 2012/13 are as follows....
Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the first edition of ASSESS for the academic year 2012/2013.

We are really excited about sharing the latest developments, concepts, and innovative practices in the world of assessment. This edition will challenge your thinking and provide you with a range of solutions, be it FE, Access to HE, or HE.

Save the link to this Bulletin in your favourites for easy access, then you can use it again and again. Whether you are a member of staff, a stakeholder, or one of our many silent viewers, please contact
with any comments or contributions to future editions of ASSESS.

We look forward to hearing from you

Lesley Shepperson
Assistant Principal Quality Learning & Enhancement, The Sheffield College
5. Training and Development
Distance Traveled in 2011/2012
...looking back through 2011/2012....
The Role of a LIV (Lead Internal Verifier)
LIV Role Profile

Lead Internal Verifiers are seconded to the Quality and Learning Enhancement team within the Planning and Performance Directorate.
They are members of a larger cross College team whose purpose is to work with teachers and business support staff to raise the
standard of teaching, learning, assessment and attainment throughout the College.

Lead internal Verifiers (LIVs) will join an established team of verifiers who work closely with colleagues to promote and assure high
quality assessment and verification standards for BTEC qualifications. Responsible for a Principal Subject Area (PSA), the
Lead Internal Verifier will oversee assessment outcomes, coordinate assessors and IVs across their PSA and check standards through
sampling and monitoring of assessed/verified work.
LIVs support colleagues to improve professional practice and achieve action plans / recommendations.

The full time equivalent (FTE) proportion seconded will be determined using the formula below.
Their workload for the remaining proportion of their contract will be determined in the normal way.

Time (in hours) allocated for element of Lead Internal Verifier Role Responsibility for a single BTEC programme with
<30 learners Extra Students
(per 30) Additional Sites (per site) Number of Depts covered (per dept)
0 9.5 8 8
What better way to understand the role of our Colleagues, than to hear it directly from them?

In this edition of ASSESS Lynne Firth, LIV for Health and Social Care, talks about her role within the College.
If you are interested in becoming a LIV, then please get in touch with Lesley Shepperson (Assistant Principal for Quality and Learning Enhancement) via Groupwise.
Throughout this academic year ASSESS will be tracking the assessment experiences of our students. In this Bulletin we discuss assessment feedback with Patrice Andrew and Julia Voyse (H&SC L4 students).
Thank you to both Patrice and Julia for taking the time to contribute to ASSESS.
First of all, thank you to every member of staff who contributed to any or all of the Quality Unit initiatives in 2011/2012 academic year.

2011/12 was a busy year in Quality and Learning Enhancement. Before we look to the new 2012/2013 academic year, here are some key outcomes which highlight the distance traveled by the College, individual departments, and College staff.
Exceptional good work from last years seconded Observers meant that:

hundreds of staff were provided with one-to-one guidance and support to improve their professional practice.
training sessions were tailor made and delivered within departments and College Development Days
an assessment programme is now being developed to reflect your needs.
Throughout the 2011/2012 academic year, the Quality Unit managed a number of annual monitoring visits from Awarding Body Organisations.

Last month City and Guilds conducted their annual Quality Monitoring Visit, meeting with Quality nominees and staff who deliver C&G qualifications. C&G rated The Sheffield College as low risk and communicated their praise for all staff delivering C&G qualifications cross-College.

Thank you to all staff who contributed to the success of each Awarding Body annual visit.
In 2011/12 we saw a number of excellent External Verification Reports from the following departments:

The new Common Inspection Framework was implemented this month.
There is now a stronger emphasis on the Quality of Teaching, Learning AND Assessment, as this extract from page 6 of the CIF explains:
Positive Teaching Tips
What makes outstanding
Geoff Petty talks extensively about the power of feedback within his website.
A key document for staff interested in developing their use of feedback, is Petty's document entitled.... Effective Reinforcement for Motivation, which can be downloaded from Petty's earlier website page.
The HE Academy website provides key research documents for HE staff. Linked to our theme of feedback is the Rethinking Feedback in Higher Education document.....
The document is packed with case studies and good practice, as well as....
For general Edexcel updates linked solely to your area of choice, please subscribe via the following webpage...
New City & Guilds Website

C&G have rebuilt the City & Guilds website to make it easier to find the information you need.

C&G have rearranged the location of many of their website pages, so you may want to update bookmarks in your browser.

Clearer information on all C&G qualifications

You will find all C&G qualifications under the Courses and Qualifications tab on their home
For BTEC National Higher (certificates and diplomas) this will be the first year that final qualifications will be graded as a pass, merit or distinction. This extract from the Pearson Website explains the changes to qualification grades:
For further information via subject area, please visit the Pearson Higher Nationals webpage....
News, updates and useful links straight from the City and Guilds Quality Team.....
And finally.....
Here is the link to upcoming C&G events for everything from e-vole....to safeguarding.
Sign-up to receive ABC's newsletter,
CACHE tutor groups hosted by The Sheffield College

Wednesday 17th October: The Sheffield College hosts South Yorkshire and Humberside CACHE Tutor Group.

Tutor groups are a fantastic forum for sharing good practice and networking with other providers. The day is made up of numerous activities such as discussions on delivery, holistic assessment, funding, new qualifications and portfolio developments. Providers can also gather insightful information from colleagues and CACHE staff. If you are interested in attending a meeting, please e-mail
Cache tutors groups at The Sheffield College
Online training
CACHE has launched a new service: interactive training.
Online training is high quality, live and interactive and allows you to ask questions directly to CACHE practitioners. It gives you the opportunity to update your
CPD and share best practice. Online training starts at £65

For more information, please visit the CACHE website or email
This year, CACHE is running a number of Training Days in Leeds:

• Thursday 22nd November: Children and Young People’s Workforce
• Thursday 13th December: Supporting Teaching and Learning Carousel
• Tuesday 5th February: Diploma in Childcare and Education: Research Task 2
• Thursday 7th February: Foundation Learning Carousel
• Tuesday 12th February: Assessing and Assuring the Quality of Assessment
• Thursday 16th May: Extended Diploma.

This training is aimed at new or experienced Assessors who are delivering and assessing NCFE qualifications/awards. The training will:
This training is aimed at new Internal Moderators or Internal Moderators who wish to refresh their skills. It provides a good opportunity to confirm rigorous quality assurance systems and share good practice. The training will:
The NCFE website contains documents, information and guidance for centers relating to assessment practice.
NCFE have created two good practice documents outlining their thoughts and experiences as an awarding body, on what makes a Dream Assessor and a Dream Internal Moderator. Do you agree?
If you know a dream Assessor or Internal Moderator, please email me via my Groupwise email account (Emma Brace).
The new Common Inspection Framework (CIF) is now live after it's full implementation this month.

There is now a stronger emphasis on Teaching, Learning AND Assessment. For an outline of the new CIF please follow this link to a presentation by Ofsted's Mathew Coffey:
The full CIF can be accessed via the following link
The HE Academy website provides an extensive list of links to assessment methods; resources, and examples of assessment good practice.
NCFE offers CPD events for Assessors and Internal Moderators, as an opportunity to share good practice in the role and network with colleagues.
Have you read the UK Quality Code for HE?
The full document is available via
Look out for internal College training sessions on the UK Quality Code which will be available to staff during the year.
In 2011 the Qualifications & Credit Framework replaced the NQF. Here, Ofqual provides an explanation of the QCF system.
If you would like to read more about the QCF via the Ofqual website, please follow this link...
Ask the Student
Geoff Petty
Training days – £99 early booking, £119 full price
For more information and how to book on all events, please visit the training days page of the CACHE website.
Also, don't forget about the free Tutor Group
taking place at the College on the 17th October!
Training and events from the HE Academy
HE Academy
Assessor and Verifier
Workshops from.....
During the cross-College July Development Days, Howard Wilson, the Edexcel BTEC Regional Quality Manager, delivered a session entitled Always Learning. Each session outlined BTEC guidelines relating to assignment writing, assessment grading, and how to deal with challenging issues relating to assessment.

As outlined by Howard:

Part 1 - Assignment Writing:
Vocational Assessment
Vocational Assessment
Vocational Assessment
Part 2 - Assessment Grading
Part 3 - Challenging Issues
ASSESS has selected key slides from Howard's presentation.
The slides are split into three main sections.
As previously discussed, the new Common Inspection Framework focuses on Teaching, Learning and Assessment. In order to further support and develop all assessment processes, the Quality Unit are currently developing assessment training programmes that address needs identified through:

1. External Verifier reports
2. Internal Verifier and Moderation events
3. Areas identified to us by staff.

In order to support the development of these training programmes, Heads of Departments have been asked to provide details of their: assessors, verifiers, and curriculum leads (attached to individual programmes). If you are a member of staff that falls within one of these categories, please be aware that the Quality Unit will be contacting staff with details of future assessment specific training.
The Sheffield College -
Assessment Training
September 2012
"Research indicates that improving learning through assessment depends on five,
deceptively simple, key factors:

 - the provision of effective feedback to pupils;
 - the active involvement of pupils in their own learning;
 - adjusting teaching to take account of the results of assessment;
 - a recognition of the profound influence assessment has on the motivation
and self-esteem of pupils, both of which are crucial influences on learning;
 - the need for pupils to be able to assess themselves and understand how to
City & Guilds Centre Manual
Quality Assurance Requirements
Glossary of terminology
all can be located by following this link
Taking account of findings from External Verifier, Moderator and Examiner reports, and in response to the new Ofsted framework, ASSESS began to ask questions...

What does robust feedback look like?

What do the leading research professionals say?
What will make the difference to our students in the future?

For a full copy of this document please follow this link....
Thank you to all Awarding Organisations who have contributed to this edition of ASSESS.

If you are one of our many stakeholders and would like to subscribe to receive future editions of ASSESS, or you have a key assessment update, piece of Awarding Body news, or information, then please email me via
Thank you to Sheffield Hallam University for providing the following paper on changes to assessment regulations for 2012/13, key information for any of our staff working in HE.
The LIVs who work across the Sheffield College are..
External Verification Reports
How do we arrive at EVIV report grades?
Observation Outcomes
Welcome to the first edition of ASSESS for the 2012/13 academic year.

In this edition, we celebrate some of the key achievements of 2011/12 (EV Report outcomes, Annual Awarding Body Visits), and look forward to a successful 2012/13.

This year will see a heightened emphasis on the need to ensure all students experience a robust Assessment process, due to the recent launch of the new Common Inspection Framework (CIF). Throughout each edition of ASSESS in 2012/13, focus will therefore be given to the different stages of effective assessment practice. In this edition we focus on the Power of Outstanding Feedback: what it looks like; what it looks like to our students; what top researchers advise, and some top teaching tips.

Over the summer months, ASSESS has been working hard to develop stakeholder feedback, so that we can continue to provide you with key Assessment news, training, and information straight from Awarding Bodies. We will also consider HE news, training opportunities and a new section that focuses on one of our Quality Unit secondee roles. In this edition we look at the role of the LIV.

If you would like to contribute to the content of this Bulletin, whether to share an example of good practice, to inform staff of an Awarding Body update, or to share a students' Assessment story, please contact Emma Brace via
Forthcoming editions will be released: end of November; early March, and early June.
Hello! to all Sheffield College teaching staff!
Black, P. & Wiliam, D. 1999. Assessment for Learning: Beyond the Black Box,
Assessment Reform Group, University of Cambridge, School of Education
Common Inspection Framework
To receive the latest qualification and support resource information as it happens through the C&G instant messaging service follow this link.
For more information on OSCA Accreditation please follow this link....
Good Practice Example
Lynne Firth
The Positively Mad's Teaching Tips website, has created it's very own Youtube page.
Follow this link to view Positively Mad Teaching Tips videos 3, 4 & 5 relating to good feedback practice.
Follow this link for more information
"If you are new to delivering BTECs (or simply wish to brush up or confirm your practice) the first two parts of the presentation may well be relevant. The third part may be helpful if you have queries or are concerned about such things as late submissions, and learners who require more than what you consider as adequate guidance in their submissions. Edexcel is trying to support you in finding a responsible and fair way to deal with such issues and the session concluded with a lively discussion on what can and what can’t be done in such circumstances."
Key changes are summarised as follows...
Health and Social Care Academy
Child Care
Administration, Technology and Business
Animal Care
Foundation Learning and Employability
Wood and Paint Occupations
Foundation Studies
Health and Social Care
Professional Studies
Online College
English Language
Extended Project
Plumbing, Heating and Ventilation
Here is the Person Specification for the LIV Role
In this edition of ASSESS we focus on the role of the LIV....
Quality Unit Secondments
For your information, here is the 2012/13
Quality Unit Calendar
Course Review
Quality Unit
Also available are Policy and guidance documents relating to quality assurance, including the:
by External Examiners before being set to students
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