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No description

Nojuod Saleh

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of School

School, What's good & What's bad? At 5 o'clock , waking up is the difficult part of the day, but after 5 minutes all things become OK . Praying then having breakfast to be ready to school. School makes you wondering if you like it or not. But we should know, getting education in life is the most important thing ever to be successful .respecting the school and teachers must be standard for us. In all places there are many advantages and disadvantages, for example in our school:
We have the best teachers , who is trying all the time to provide us high education and good manners.
Also the school has the good technology to be one of the best.
Inside the class, we are groups instead of being classmates only, that is one of good advantage in our school. In the other hand, there are many disadvantages.
Our a.c. in the class is one of them, it is not working , we asked the school but no respond yet. The school has best technology but we don’t use it that much, and also some of computers in the lap are not working .
The library; we hope to have a good library to borrow books and use it during free times. When we are hungry , the cafeteria is not sufficient , no good foods and always crowding, the break time is short, also .But even all of that , the school is a wonderful place to study and to have good relationships also in the same time . After that, back home and doing the jobs and start again to be ready to the next day. Making our country and families proud of us is our goal, that is what we hope.
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