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Luke Williams

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Triathlon

what is triathlon?
Triathlon is a multi dicipline sport that involves swimming cycling and running
triathlon changes from sport to sport by what is called a transition you have two transitions. the first transition is from swim to bike, and the second is from bike to run. transitions must be quick to save time but are hard to do as you must do two things at once
Different types
In triathlon there are different distances such as ironman which is 3.8kilometer swim, 180 kilometer bike and a 42.2 kilometer which is the same as a marathon. then there is olympic distances and sprint distances.
how it started
it started when a group of american naval officers couldn't decide which sport was the hardest, long distance swimming ,cycling or marathon running.
what they decided
they decided that the would do a long distance swim in kailua bay followed by a bike up the side of the island of hawaii then there is a marathon through the boiling lava fields. they put it all together and this is how ironman started but then people have just shortened the distance and made triathlon.
in triathlon there is a range of equipment some will be basic and cheap others will be hightec and expensive as some bikes can be up to £10,000 and be made out of expensive materials
there are also expensive wetsuits and running shoes as some can be over £100 and be very light and designed for surtain types of running
British succes in triathlon
In the last few years britain has been one of the best countries for triathlon as we have alistair and jonathon brownlee who are olympic and world champions
and we also have helen jenkins (2011 world champion) and chrissie wellington who was ironman world champion in the same year.
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