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Teaching English for Academic Purposes

No description

Corrina Cameron

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Teaching English for Academic Purposes

Teaching EAP
Academic Speaking
-Create and present effective presentations
-Participate and facilitate discussions appropriately
Academic Listening
-note taking
-recognizing lecture structure
-recognizing important lecture signposts
-recognizing implied information
-evaluating for important information
-recognizing intonation and voice emphasis
Academic Writing
Students of English for
Academic Purposes (EAP)

-Educated immigrants intending to attend post secondary education
-international students
Teaching of EAP
-high schools
-private institutions
to prepare students whose first language is not English to succeed in higher education
EAP students may...
Require EAP courses as a prerequisite to starting their post-secondary education
Be taking EAP courses concurrently with their degree.
So what does EAP
look like?
EAP programs offer classes in academic...
-exam preparation
-cultural integration
These general skills are needed by
nearly all EAP students.
Attention should be given to each student's academic goals and specific skills they will need for their field
Business Cases& Reports Persuasive Essays
-research methods
-referencing sources
-describing processes & developments
-writing instructions
-developing arguments
-revising & editing
Academic Reading
-deduce meaning of unknown vocabulary within text
-recognizing the main idea apart from supporting information
-recognizing fact from oppinion
-thinking critically about texts
-skimming & speed reading
Cultural Integration
Culture Works "Canadian Studies Class"
-Academic Culture
-Arts, Entertainment & Sports
-Business, Industry & Non-profit
-Environment & Conservation
-First Nations & Multiculturalism
Exam Preparation
-post-secondary test prep
Courses may also provide practice for...
-Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
-International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
So, what are some of the challenges of teaching English for Academic Purposes?
Build awareness of how post-secondary institution functions
Have knowledge of what each department expects out of it's students
Must gain a deep understanding of each discipline
Becoming an EAP teacher
Gerard Paul Sharpling
believes that if inexperienced EAP teachers are
and practice
it might allow them to "adapt as necessary" (Sharpling, 2002, 83).
Situation in Canada
-Few institutions offer formal EAP programs
-Some institutions use an outside organization (ex. Culture Works)
-Training for EAP teachers not formalized & qualifications required will vary from one institution to another
EAP will probably expanded and modify to meet the demands of increasing enrollment of international students and educated immigrants in the years to come
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