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Basic Techniques of Technical Writing

No description

Geezel Torres

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Basic Techniques of Technical Writing

Basic Techniques of Technical Writing Description of a Mechanism "is the art of establishing a
meaningful pattern of
relationships among a group
of facts" (Mills & Walter, 1954) 3 Key Questions that Arise
in any Interpretation: * What is to be found out?
* How was evidence obtained?
* How will the interpretation be organized? is the systematic process of
dividing materials into kind or
classes Definition Interpretation Classification Formal or Sentenced definition
as its name suggests, is in the form of sentence with these three elements :species (the term defined ), genus ( class or kind to which the term belongs ), and the differentia (the distinguishing characteristics that make the term different from other terms of the same class) Principles Involved 1. Classify consistently on a single basis which
points to a fundamental distinction among the
members of the class.
2. Classification should not overlap.
3. Name all the pieces according to a
given basis. Coquina is a sedimentary rock formed by
accumulation of abundant shell fossils and fragments Species genus differentia An Informal Definition consists of one or more synonymous expressions substituted for the unfamiliar term used Embellish or Adorn - decorate
Counterfeit - fake
Circumvent - avoid
Amenable - agreeable Supercaliflagilistic Organization
1. The Introduction
2. Part-by-part Description
3. The Conclusion Description of a Process "A process is a series of
actions, and fundamentally
the description of a process
is the description of action"
(Mills & Walter, 1954). References: Dones, M. G. (2011). "Research, Techncal And
Business Communication for College Students".
Intramuros, Manila: Mindshapers Co., Inc.
Mills, G.H. & Walter, J. A. (1954). "Technical
Writing". Quezon City: Ken, INC.
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