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Dylan Fredrick

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of CoD:BO2

Call of Duty:
Black Ops 2 Campaign Mode Set in the year 2025 Main character is David Mason Son of Alex Mason from the first Black Ops Based on the 2nd Cold War Between USA and China Flashback Missions With Alex Mason
Horseback Mission in Afghan Multiplayer Mode Traditional gameplay modes New mode called Multi-Team Death Match
(MTDM) Tournement modes
League Play All new play style modes New feature! Live-Stream to YouTube CoD:Casting
Commentate a MP game
Send if you have an active CoD:Elite account New PICK 10 system get 10 points to use where ever New Create-A-Class ZOMBIES MODE! 3 Different modes Tranzit Mode
Greif Mode
Survival Mode Tranzit Mode Bus ride through an open world map
This map is made from all the survival maps Survival Same as other survival modes
Greif 2 teams of 4
go head to head
can't kill one another
last man standing
Winning team is last man standing
power ups to incapacitate the other team
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