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L3 DISQ by R. Fields

Workshop activities for level 3 PT learners at Chesterfield College


on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of L3 DISQ by R. Fields

Steel trunking
Steel conduit
Trunking accessories
2 way lighting
a3/a1 final circuits
Circuit information
Circuit information
Conduit Information
Sy/swa Cable
Stretch and challenge
Wo/man v Board
Circuit details
Nearly as good as Russ
What the?
Very poor!
Not bad
Panel wiring
Conduit challenge
thread conduit for 1 minute

B Slack 20mm
N Hall 17mm
C Marriot 11mm


FE Ben Slack 10/4/14
Make a cable jack from steel conduit
1. flow with stat
2. warm air convection
3. bleed nipple
4. cold air convection
5. warm heat radiation
6. return
red dotted lines are 8 links to be installed in the wiring centre.
bridge in 100mm steel trunking
Cat5e data cable
terminate two rj45 face plates as quick as possible.
(30 second penalty if they do not function)
name: time:
nathan Hall 4:51
ben slack 5:40
curtis marriot 5:40
George lomas 5:58
Alistair johnson 8:23
variation order sum/1028
1. flow with stat
2. warm air convection
3. bleed nipple
4. cold air convection
5. warm heat radiation
6. return
red dotted lines are 8 links to be installed in the wiring centre.
who is Mahyadi Panngabean?
app thomas truman 16.6.14
martyn shore 16.6.14
links to industry
In the working environment terminating a distribution board is what all electricians take the most pride in.
Having evidence of a neat distribution board may make you stand out above the rest when looking for work.
fe Jake wilmot 18.6.14
After numerous attempts by apprentices and full-time learners, these was the only boards that worked first time.
Curtis Marriott and Alistair Johnson 19/6/14
lauren smith and garion richardson 25/6/14
links to industry
Although it is now common practice to install Combi-boilers where all components are contained in one unit.
Many older properties still have S-Plan heating systems which often need servicing and maintaining.
links to industry
Panel wiring companies purely build, wire and connect panels.
this is a full time job for many people.
install two 2 gang 2-way switches and 2 lamps.
each lamp to be controlled from both switches. to be wired loop-in at light method.
steel conduit puzzle
pvc/pvc lighting
sy cable
swa cable
allow enough length for whatever you are terminating in to
Trim the steel braiding to 44mm
Then split and twist into two tails
Place a brass washer
on to the gland
Wrap each
braid clockwise
Place another brass washer to sandwich the braids
why sy cable?
SY cable has fine stranded conductors which are the most suitable when connecting to vibrating equipment e.g. motors.
Strip the outer
clear PVC sheath
remember your knife training!!!
recycle all cables in the green bin
Feed the two braids down the 2 slots
then tuck in to the opposite slot
The gland is now ready to terminate in to an enclosure
Wrap tape around the cable
Remove the outer
sheath using a knife
Using a knife remove
the sheath covered in tape.
Position the armourings just before the gland threads
Use a locknut to fix
the gland and 'banjo' to the enclosure.
Why steel wire armoured cable?
The steel wire armourings provide excellent mechanical protection. this cable is used in industrial environments and can be buried in a garden.
using a junior hack-saw, cut around the cable half way in to the steel armourings
The armourings should now snap off
very easily!!!!
Place the shroud and gland nut on the cable
Spread out the armourings
Tighten the gland nut on to the gland
Ensure all wires are clamped and not crossed
Use a 6mm nut and bolt to connect the banjo
recycle all cables in the green bin
recycle all cables in the green bin
recycle all cables in the green bin
First fix conduit
and threading
FP200 and PVC conduit
standard socket circuits in
pvc/pvc cable

pvc conduit basics
steel trunking
step 1
step 2
finished product
Familiarise yourself with PVC conduit, condiut adaptors and fitting them between two boxes.
Also, PVC inspection bends
Practical assessments
Layout diagram
terminating RJ45 plate
keep some twist
terminating rj47 jack
cut at 10mm
materials and specialist tools
cat 5e data cable
rj45 plug
rj45 face plate
rj45 crimping tool
rj45 tester
punch down tool
links to industry
Data Engineer is a full time job.
As a Data engineer you will install containment then wire and connect data cables.
The containment will be the same as you have learnt on this course.
recycle all cables in the green bin
recycle all cables in the green bin
What is the maximum floor area for an A3 radial?
What is the maximum floor area for an A1 ring?
how will an A2 radial differ from an A3 radial?
Circuit information
Full transcript