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Comparison of Event Bodies

No description

annabelle grace

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Comparison of Event Bodies

Comparison of Event Bodies
Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia
The Australian Amusement Leisure and Recreation Association
Comparison of the Organisations
- Both organisations are member based, not-for-profit organisations
- EEAA represents the exhibition and events venues within the events industry focusing on trade shows and improving the growth of the organisation
- AALARA helps put in place practices to best support and improve the amusement, leisure and recreation side of events and existing businesses. keeping them FUN and up to Government standards
Reference list



- Australian body that represents Amusement, leisure and recreation
- Practices and improves its standards in regards to the management and improvment of other Amuesment organisations
- Member based, not-for-profit organisation
-Aiming to improve the practices of existing businesses within the Recreation sector
Annabelle Grace
The two Events Bodies
I have researched.....
AALARA- The Australian Amuesment, Leisure and Recreation Association
EEAA- Exhibition and Events Association of Australasia
- Member Based organisation not-for-profit
- Represents venues and events within Australia and New Zealand
- The organization includes 22 organizers, close to 19 venues and approximately 77 suppliers.
- Their aim is to become the main investors and workers events organisation within the events sector.

Upcoming Events

Asia Pacific's International Mining Exhibition
Retail Trade Event
Home buyer and property investor show
Sydney International Spa and Beauty Expo
Trade Shows
These trade shows cover all industry and lifestyle areas including all categories from boats to home loans and renovation, food and wine, motoring, mining and education.
Amusement, Recreation and Leisure
AALARA focuses on keeping the 'fun' in the events industry as well as keeping all companies and business owners up to date with Government standards and regulations.
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