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Geometry Scavenger Hunt Project!

No description

frank astefo

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Geometry Scavenger Hunt Project!

Geometry Scavenger Hunt Project!
Acute Angle.
This Image Shows an acute angle using a scissors The reason I used a picture of a scissors for an acute angle is because a scissors is small and it will fit Perfectly, again it fits my theme because the scissors are in my house.
Obtuse Angle.
The reason I chose a Sofa is because It shows an obtuse angle and it is relevant. It fits my theme because I chose the Theme Home and the Sofa is located in My house.
Parallel Lines!!

This is my Coffee Table,It shows 2 parallel lines because there is one line going across the top and one line going across the bottom. I chose My Coffee table for the parallel lines because it has 2 lines and clearly Shows it.
Perpendicular Lines!!
This Picture shows 2 perpendicular lines Because there is a line at the bottom and a Line going across In between The doors. This picture fits my theme because Its In my house and Its a large and Good Image to use.
This Drawing in my house shows Intersecting lines Because it can be shaped as a cross and will work as Intersecting lines. I chose this for Intersecting lines because its a very Good Type of Drawing, Its in my house and i like it.
Right Angle!!

This is a picture of my computer screen showing a perfect picture of a right angle. Since computer screens are very famous, And a good part of Technology. It fits my Theme because its placed in my house.
Intersecting lines!!
Adjacent Angles.
This is a picture of the window frame in the study room. It shows Adjacent angles because it has the bottom top and the middle. I used this Picture because it fits my theme.
Alternate angles!!
Co-interior angles.
This is a picture of a mini Table. I used this picture for co-interior angles because its related to the angle, it fits my Theme because its showing the angle and it belongs to my house.

This Image shows some stairs I chose this picture because it was appropriate to choose and fits my theme.
Corresponding Angles.
This is a picture of the Iron board legs This shows Corresponding lines, This fits my theme because it belongs to my house.
2 Lines cut by a transversal.
This is a picture of A big Air con Duct that belongs to my Room. The reason i chose this picture for this peculator angle is because It shows the angle clearly.
This is a picture of a mini Table the reason I chose this picture for this angle is because this is the only choice i had.
The end!!
Thank You for Watching!
I hope This Prezi helped you understand Geometry more better. :)

This is a air con Duct from my room I used it for cut by lines because it shows it clearly.
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