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Unit 1, The world around us

Perpétua Faria

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Environment

Look at the following pictures and try to guess the issues we are going to talk about throughout this unit!
Look at each picture for 10 seconds and jot down as many words as you can remember related to it!
Go to page 12 of your text book and do exercises 1 and 2!
For further practice solve the word puzzle on page 13 as homework!
Get together in groups of 3! Go to http://www.justcrosswords.com and build your own crossword on one of the following: environmental threats; nature; pollution; natural disasters and “going green”.
Send your work to your colleagues and solve each other’s crosswords!
Listen to Louis Armstrong’s song: “What a wonderful world!” and complete the quiz!
What type of world does Neil Armstrong try to portray in his song?
Now, watch Michael Jackson’s video clip: “The Earth Song” and spot the main differences between the two songs!
At the same time take notes on the environmental threats focused in the song!
What message does your group want to send to the world about this issue?

Go to: http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/64LFwSHz6U and jot down your messages!
Look at these words! Why have these words been highlighted?
Go to: http://classtools.net/widgets/dustbin_8/lL3st.htm
Now, try to play a game where you have to identify the category of some words taken from the lyrics of the song!
Use these words to complete the lyrics! (http://file2.ws/filling2)
Think of all the environmental problems you find in your neighbourhood. What can you do to minimize these problems?
Go to: http://www.toondoo.com and create your cartoon on this topic (tools - toondoomaker- sign in and have fun!)
Finally, listen to the song again to confirm your work! (http://file2.ws/correction3)
By: Idalina Camacho
Perpétua Faria
Sílvia Correia
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