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Introduction and Conclusion Paragraphs

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Emily Beyer

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Introduction and Conclusion Paragraphs

Introduction and Conclusion

Mini Lesson:
The first paragraph
Introduction Paragraph
The last paragraph
Conclusion Paragraph
You won't accomplish the PURPOSE of the introduction and conclusion paragraph in less than
three sentences
Cut to the chase:
How long do these paragraphs
have to be?
To tell your readers what your essay will be about.
To focus your writing on one topic.
To catch your readers' attention.
What is the PURPOSE of an
introduction paragraph?
There are two elements that MUST be included...
Threads of Identity Essay
Prompt: How has your family made you who you are? Tell about three different aspects of your identity and explain how your family members have shaped these parts of you.
1. A sentence that restates the PROMPT.
Turn the question into a statement.
EXAMPLE topic sentence:
My family has influenced my identity in many ways.
Ex: My mother and brother have had the greatest influence on my identity in the areas of academics and athletics.
Ex: My parents have influenced two important aspects of who I am: my personality and my greatest talent.
What else
be in the intro. paragraph?

2. The family members
the two aspects of your identity ...
To wrap up your thoughts.
To restate your prompt and main ideas.
To leave your readers with a final thought.

*NOTE: All of these tasks must be accomplished with NEW word choice.
What is the PURPOSE of the conclusion paragraph?
There are three elements
that MUST be included...
Threads of Identity Essay

Be sure to vary your word choice from the introduction paragraph!
1. A restatement of
Specifically, the family members and identity aspects you discussed in the body paragraph.
What else
be in the CONCLUSION paragraph?

2. a restatement of the main ideas in one sentence.
Ex: The two most prominent aspects of my identity, my athleticism and my drive to succeed, have been shaped by Mom and my brother, Luke.
Talk about the future of you and your identity.
The last element that
be included in the conclusion paragraph...
3. A final thought
Ex: As I get older, my family's influence on my identity will grow.
Now it's time to write your introduction and conclusion paragraphs!
What else COULD be added to the introduction?
A lead sentence is the FIRST sentence of your essay that should catch your reader's attention. This adds STYLE.

Ex: My family is one of a kind which has made a lasting impression on my identity.
Ex: If I had a completely different family, I would not be the person I am today.
Follow these directions:
1. Get your writing folder.
2. Get a laptop and log on.
3. Wait for mini lesson to begin.
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