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Why should I pay someone to manage my community ?

Produced by the Master Web, Community Management et Réseaux Sociaux 2013 - Inseec Master & MBA Bordeaux France

Inseec Bordeaux Master Web CM

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Why should I pay someone to manage my community ?

Why should I pay someone to manage my community ? The community manager has to be in constant contact with the fans, friends or followers of the brand he is working for.
He has to find new ideas to post messages that will make the community react along with posts that are different from his competitors’.
He has to quickly answer unsatisfied customers or users of the products of the brand he’s working for.
He has to conduct regular analysis on statistics, figures and return on investment.
He has to be able to explain them and to anticipate potential feedbacks

Let’s be brief- reactions on social networks can happen anytime and a CM is to be able to react 24/7 It’s just a trend There’s no point in hiring someone to chat on Facebook « Cool job, you basically spend your time on Facebook, it shouldn’t be too exhausting »

Yeah right, not exactly the case. The communication department has the time to do that… It’s a whole different language The CM is first a content manager and not an IT specialist. The dictionary is the best companion of a CM. The CM represents a brand and its values on social networks. He knows how to speak to his target audience in every circumstance.
The CM is the new poet and he has to use the art of writing with tact, humor and virtuosity. If the companies have understood that the future is online, they have to seize the opportunity NOW to be the first to have digital communication in their field.
Thus, you’ll be the first to control your internal and external communication and your image, the first one to establish a new relationship with your clients, the first to know the consumers’ needs, the first one to master the ICT. My competitors are not online Why would I take the risk to see negative comments about my company or my products?
Unfortunately, CEOs too often are reticent to the creation of a Facebook or Twitter accounts, fearing negative comments and/or complaints from the customers.
Yet, avoiding being online, knowing that 40% of French people are active Facebook users and that the number of people subscribing to Twitter has doubled in one year, seems quite risky! Nothing is manageable or under control on the Internet There’s no need to delete or hide every negative comments as soon as they are published. The key to a successful online reputation lies into the CM’s capacity to react quickly and cleverly.
A professional CM is able to keep track of what is said about your brand, thanks to the monitoring tools he uses and will therefore be able to get back to the client, avoiding any major crisis. But keep calm, despite the myth, more than 70% of comments turn out to be positive! From censorship to moderation Facebook in France million users 10, 15, 20 or 30 ….thousand fans in your community. It’s in the human nature to possess as many as things as one can (more cars, more houses) or bigger (the biggest car, the largest house) than his neighbor.
On Twitter and Facebook, it’s a never-ending race to get more fans and followers; it’s always more and sometimes even artificial (buying fake fans or fake followers). Nevertheless, it’s not the size that matters but the engagement rate. Forget about “the bigger, the better” and start thinking of commitment! Likes, mentions, comments are essential elements to have a good engagement rate. Posts dedicated to your fans will give you more visibility. The Facebook algorithm (Edgerank) uses interactions to reach out to the largest number of fans. A good average engagement rate is 2.5% to 5% I don’t need to have the largest…. community A lot of companies are realizing how essential it is for them to be on the Internet; nevertheless, very few are willing to open a full-time CM position. An intern will do… It’s not a real job… It’s just a waste of money… I already know my clients 11 preconceived ideas/clichés on community management "Only 16% of French companies have a fan page and 7% have a Twitter account and nevertheless, 83% of CEOs believe that the web is going to play a major role in the commercial activity of their companies." After Klingon and Esperanto, there’s a new rhetoric art form: the CM language : FF, RT, Timeline, HHD….It’s not always easy to understand. There are other aspects to take into consideration: developing customer loyalty, brand image, leads, etc
Speaking about figures, let’s take the example of Diageo (Smirnoff, Bailey’s). They have launched five campaigns on social networks, all of them have a 20% rise of the turnover and a ROI multiplied by 5.
If you still have doubts, keep this in mind: with an average investment of 10euros on Facebook ads you can target up to 30,000 users.
Now, ask yourself with what other media would you reach out so many people? Statistics included? Despite efficient tracking tools, the return on investment for community management actions is not as easy to measure as the financial ROI. Did you know that 26 million people are active on Facebook in France? That’s 26 million people you can easily reach out to …..much more efficiently than with any other traditional media. You might think that community management is only for large multinational companies… you’re wrong!
The Internet and the social media allow a direct interaction with your customers whatever the size of your business.
It’s not the only reason, a CM is also trained to expand your canvassing, diversify your target audience, develop long-term customer loyalty, and read the indicators. A CM has the key expertise essential to your company. Who will know how to deal with the website? The emailing? The newsletters? The blogs? The social networks? The videos?
Let’s agree on the fact that the multichannel communication will be much more efficient if the online and offline communication focus each on what it’s meant to while building on a common branding strategy. Getting an internship for a CM is a piece of cake, getting a full time paid job is another story.
Professional and inexpensive, getting an intern seems to be the ideal solution for a company who wants to test the utility of a community manager before they make up their mind about it.
An efficient CM strategy takes time and a full knowledge of a company.
The CM is the spokesman for the brand and he communicates its values to the community. An intern needs to be trained and managed. He doesn’t have all the knowledge needed to react the right way with the right tools. The CM is then a position not to be neglected. And yet, the best schools have a specialized training program And yet, the most well-known companies have at least one CM (sometimes more) Community management is just a trend. 1 billion active members throughout the world 3,300 is the number of posts published per day on social networks on a single brand. The USA is at the forefront. Since 2010, there has been a rise of 106% of Internet users following a brand on social networks.
Among 1,300 marketing companies, 90% believe that the marketing content will be a growing force in the next 12 months. What about France? 70% of consumers have bought a product after having looked up the brand on social networks.
91% of the French look online before buying a product. SOURCES
http://www.mycommunitymanager.fr/pourquoi-vous-devez-tuer-votre-taux-dengagement-facebook/ )
http://www.reseaux-professionnels.fr/questions-frequentes/1688-medias-sociaux-30-chiffres-clefs-que-les-professionnels-retiendront-pour-2012.html?buffer_share=6cd6a#.UNTqOHI3IxY.twitter Democratic profile of the Twitter Audience in France The good news is that in 2013, 19 professional and passionate CM will major from INSEEC MBA and MASTER program Follow us on twitter #wcmrs @Mzelou @BatteurLucie @HoudaOucama @CMermera @Macduboy @marion_sthl @ClaraMineur @Burdigala @louisDelecroix @adelaidelam @amelienollet @PhCourtey @clarissechopin @AlbenqueJulie @jal002 @RonanGuillery @Mouns__ @RousseauClaire With : @saraxlacroix Are you sure that the communication department is not already overwhelmed with the offline communication: advertising campaigns, flyers, press releases, press clippings as well as all the event planning?
How much time will be left for them to deal with all the online communication? @laetitiahugeux (Commitment rate) (People involved) (People affected)
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