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False Analogy

No description

caitie carroll

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of False Analogy

False Analogy What is a False Analogy? A False Analogy is a bad or questionable comparison between two things that have more differences than similarities. For Example, In a regular analogy, A and B are shown to be similar. Then it is argued that since A has property P, so also B must have property P. An analogy fails, however, when the two objects, A and B, are different in a way which affects whether they both have property P. Example 1 What's the big deal about the early pioneers killing a few Indians in order to settle the West? After all, you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. The act of pioneers killing a few Indians to settle in the west is not the same as breaking eggs to make an omelet. The two things have more differences than similarities. Although the comparison is clear, cracking eggs and manifest destiny are two completely different ideas. Example 2 Just because humans eat meat does not make us the same as carnivores like lions. This comparison is false, failing to include that humans are omnivores, and lions are carnivores. Example 3 People who have to have a cup of coffee every morning before they can function have no less a problem than alcoholics who have to have their alcohol each day to sustain them. While both coffee and alcohol can both sustain a person, they both have very different methods in doing so. Coffee is a good, natural way to keep somebody awake, while alcohol is an evil way to disable a persons vision and mentality, yet is said to reduce stress. This comparison is therefore faulty. To refresh your memory, you can identify a false analogy when the two things being compared are completely different from one another, and are more unalike to each other than alike. Thanks for watching, and the end
-Caitlin Carroll, period 3 Works Cited:

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Example 1:
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Example 2:

Example 3:
Hall, Derrick . "Faulty Analogy ." Texas State University. Department of Philosophy , n.d. Web. 26 Mar. 2013. <www.txstate.edu/philosophy/resources/fallacy-definitions/Faulty-Analogy.html >. BY CAITLIN CARROLL What's the point of vegetarians? Humans naturally eat meat, and so do wild animals like lions. But you don't see animals like that munching on plants. Mouse Mouse They must be the same since they're both a mouse, right? ... nope.
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