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Heron's Formula

No description

Alma Escobar

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Heron's Formula

HERON'S FORMULA Area couldn't get any easier! Here is a quick preview
to solving with Heron's Formula. Let's say we were to solve this problem:

1) Find the area of the triangle
if side A measures 2 cm, Side
B is 3 cm and Side C is 3cm. Quick Reference: Heron of Alexandria was an ancient Greek mathematician, physicist, and engineer. . There were about 18 Greek writers with his name, but Heron was specifically known as Heron of Alexandria. He was very active in his native city of Alexandria, Roman Egypt. He invented many mechanical devices including the water organ, the fire engine, and the aeolipile. He was also well known in geometry and geodesy. Metrica While Metrica was also a part of the collection, the 3 books contained essential information. The books had geometric rules and formulas that Heron gathered from a variety of sources. Some information and sources traced back to ancient Babylon about areas and volumes of plain and solid figures. Heron's Formula Heron’s Formula has been known for nearly 2,000 years. Heron’s Formula is distinguished from other formulas for the area of a triangle such “half the base times the height” or “half the modulus of a cross product of 2 sides.” It has been suggested that Greek inventor, Archimedes knew the formula over two centuries earlier. Moreover, a formula equivalent to Heron’s Formula was discovered by the Chinese independently of the Greeks.Heron's formula is a special case of Brahmagupta's formula, where the length of one side of the quadrilateral is o. Introduction... What do we do... In Reality.... Heron... Growing up in elementary school, the way that was taught to us to find the area of a triangle is "A=1/2(b)(h).'' Its the way we have always learned it, until now. What if you learned a revolutionary way of finding the area of a triangle by only using the lengths of the sides? You can do this by using a specific formula; Heron's Formula. HERON
10 A.D. Died:
70 A.D One of the things he taught his students was the discovery of his formula to find the area of the triangle. He wrote his own collection of books in which one of the series titled “Metrica” portrays a deviation of Heron’s Formula. Heron's Formula The "S" stands for semi-perimeter
or half the perimeter.

The "a'', "b'', and "c'' stand for the sides' lengths.

The "A" stands for the area. --The three sides are a = 2, b = 3 and c = 3. So, S=2+3+3=8 Heron’s Formula was an incredible discovery to geometry and proved the theorem that there is never only one way to solving a math problem. Heron’s Formula can come in handy one day if you’re asked to find the area of a triangle yet you are only given the lengths. You will discover that it works even for "impossible" triangles, where one side is longer than the sum of the other two. Heron's Formula Can prove the Pythagorean Theorem. Thank you for tuning
in to this presentation=) Any questions,
feel free to ask!
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