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No description

Erick Araya

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of info023_01b_sem2

Java Data Types
INFO 023
Sem. II - 2013
Para comenzar...
Primitve Data Types
Numeric Integers
(according to length in bits)
int x ;
Calculation of an arc?
Let's go to the Java editor (for example, DrJava)
Write a program in Java to calculate the length of the arc of a circumference of radio 50 for an angle of 30º
Lenguaje Compilado
How to do an interactive program?
Shall we use IO class?
Very complex!!
Better use the Scanner class
Scanner class
We need an statement "import" ( one of the two showed next)
Implement the "jalisco". Let's observe an example!
Numeric decimal
(according to length in bits)
int z = 100 ;
First, we ALWAYS need to write....
Did you write the code? Let's compare..
import java.util.Scanner;
import java.util.*;
We need to create an instance (copy) of the Scanner class: an OBJECT
Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(System.in);
"keyboard", example of an instance, inherits all the Scanner class's methods
int nextInt()
double nextDouble()
boolean nextBoolean()
byte nextByte()
float nextFloat() 
short nextShort()  
long nextLong()
String next()
String nextLine()
Write a program to read 3 integers, store tthem in different variables and print a list with each number followed by 0 if the number is even, or followed by 1 if the number is odd.
Print one number per line, and DO NOT USE decision statements (i.e., if statements)
The dialog between the program and the user should be the following:

Enter the first number: 10

Enter the second number: 20

Enter the third number: 15

10 0
20 0
15 1
What do we use to request the user to enter his/her age?
Two Options:
Input-Output (IO) Class
Scanner Class
A Java program NEVER uses the original class (auto-protection)
Using "keyboard", it is possible to read data from the input... but we need to use an appropriate method (in this case, the age is an INTEGER data type)
The program:
Currence Converter
A citizen of the European Community need to convert Euros into Chilean pesos. Write a program to perform the conversion, assuming that, today, the official conversion is: 1 Euro = 603,900
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