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Hellen Keller English Powerpoint

Nonfiction powerpoint for english.

Clare C

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Hellen Keller English Powerpoint

Helen Keller: The Story of My Life Written by Helen Keller
(with a New Afterword by Marlee Matlin) Before I read this book, I already knew a few facts about Helen Keller... First of all, I knew that Helen Keller was born in the 1800s. I also knew that she was deaf and blind because of an illness that she had when she was young. I knew that she often became frustrated as a young child because she had no way to communicate with others. The only other detail that I knew was that her teacher, Anne Sullivan, taught her sign language with the word 'water.' The Story of My Life brought me into the dark and quiet world of Helen Keller. It showed me how Helen found beauty in the simplest things, and how she used what she had to share her gifts with the world. I learned that Helen was thoughtful and loved to learn and discover. As a child, Helen was curious about many things, One day, Helen's teacher, Anne, spelled, "I love Helen" into her hand. Helen asked Anne, "What is love? "Is love the sweetness of the flowers?" She pointed to the sun and asked, "Is this not love?" Her teacher said no. Helen did not understand. Finally, Anne told her "love is something like the clouds that were in the sky before the sun came out. You cannot touch the clouds...you cannot touch love either, but you feel the sweetness that it pours into everything. Without love you would not be happy or want to play." When Anne told her this, Helen realized that she was not much different from other people. Although she could not see or hear, love was something that anyone could do. Clare Cahill Topic: an autobiography of a remarkable woman who was deaf and blind. The Story of My Life taught me many facts that I did not already know about Helen Keller. Not many people know of the intelligence of Helen Keller. She could not only use sign language and braille, but she could also speak and lip-read. She could speak English and she also learned to speak French. "Literature is my Utopia," Helen says. She read everything in braille, and was willing to read anything she could get her hands on. (Helen contributed much to literature; she wrote thirteen books!) Helen was very grateful for her teacher, Miss Sullivan. She says Miss Sullivan "could make the crooked straight and the rough places smooth." She says "When she came, everything about me breathed of love and joy and was full of meaning. Something very interesting that I learned from this book is that Helen could play checkers. She had a specific board that she could feel the squares. The black and white pieces had different shapes on the top of the pieces, and she feel her way through the game. Helen Keller was a woman who overcame obstacles and found beauty with what she had. "Is it not true, then, that my life with all its limitations touches at many points the life of the World Beautiful? Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content."
~Helen Keller Helen had a special love for nature. She loved to feel everything and explore its beauty. She writes, "Few know what joy it is to feel the roses pressing softly into the hand, or the beautiful motion of the lilies as they sway in the morning breeze."
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