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In Mrs. Maloney's computer class we were to create a Prezi about a job we were interested in. The Prezi needed to include many pieces of information found from masscis/intocareers.org. I did my project on dentists even though i do not wish to be one.

Danielle Trudeau

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Dentists

DENTISTS What kind of education will i need to become a dentists? Tasks and Duties:
*You will have to examine patients mouths, teeth and x-rays.
*Dentists also have to prepare models for replacement teeth.
*As a dentists you will need to use equipment such as mouth mirrors, probes, and tweezers.
*Other jobs of a dentist are diagnosing oral problems, filling cavities, performing root canals and more. What kind of education will I need to become a dentist? Strengths:
The three main strengths you will need to become a dentist would be being a learner, having focus, and being an achiever. How much will this job pay? The annual salary of a dentist is about $136,960 a year. Becoming a dentist will require at least a Professional Degree, which is at least 6 years of college plus having to pass the dental test. probes and a
mouth mirror Future job outlook:
The chance of getting a job as a dentist is high in Massachusetts, there are about 137 annual openings. In the United States there are also about 78,400 job openings. Working Conditions:
As a dentist you will usually be working with a partner, and will often have to deal with costumers. Dentist offices generally require you to wear a special uniform and you always work indoors. Dentists work almost 40 hours a week and typically work on weekends. Some may work part time or even full time. work cited: http://masscis.intocareers.org/info2.aspx?FileID=OccJr&FileNum=200298&TopicNum=0
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