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Last Book in the Universe

No description

Austin Cyr

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Last Book in the Universe

BY: US The Last Book in the Universe The Last Book in the Universe is a dystopian society because it isn’t a perfect world, it is overrun by probes that corrupt peoples minds. If used a lot mind probes could make the body malfunction and leave them in a catastrophic state. It is not the perfect place to live, it is probably the worst place to live having to be on the look out not to get killed. Summary A runner( a messenger that runs from latch to latch during the night hiding in the shadows and conceals his face.) comes into Spaz’s cube with a message. The messenger tells him that his sister Bean is sick and dying, and wants to see her to help her. When Bean was younger and Spaz still lived with them if Bean was sick she wouldn’t take her medicine unless Spaz told her too. Spaz and Bean had a special bond that had stayed together even through the years they haven't seen each other. But now Bean is on the edge of death and needs to see Spaz. Spaz wants to go see her but she lives so far away, so he goes to see Billy Bizmo. Billy is mind probing when spaz gets there and Spaz is in such a rush to see his sister that he does the unthinkable, he wakes Billy up while he’s probing. Billy holds a splat gun to his face and demands to know who it is. Spaz tells him but Billy doesn’t believe him because he thinks that Spaz has no courage to come there, but he did. Billy doesn’t give him permission, but Spaz goes anyway. A little boy that only can say chox follows them not knowing he is risking his life. They venture into the unknown risking there lives to save this innocent little girl. The last book in the universe is a book a thousand years in the future where books aren’t used anymore and the word has been taken over by big gangs. Spaz is a boy that was born with a defect, and he use mind probes and if he does he could have a major seizure and die. This actually can help Spaz since mind probes has ruined many other great minds. Spaz works the a latch boss Billy Bizmo and he has to rip off people by taking their prized possessions. One time when he was ripping off a old man who lived in the stack boxes. The old man willingly gave him his stuff and didn’t try to fight him. However he tried to hide one thing, his book. Spaz saw the book and the old man pleaded to keep it. Spaz didn’t want to take it because it is a book and it has no worth so he let him keep it. Spaz keeps coming back to visit the old man listening to his stories of times back then. Theme: Setting The Last Book in the Universe takes place in a world with no control. It is 1000 years from now there are no more books or T.V.. Now there are mindprobes that rot the minds of innocent people,while they experience anything they want. Dangerous gangs run the streets and everything is chaotic Conflict & Resolution Spaz's sister is ill and dieing. They get captured by monkey boys. The latch queen Loti Getts creates a latch fight and Spaz, Ryter, Lanaya, and Little Face are all in the middle of it. Once they save Bean they must leave because the people of Eden are getting angry with the fact that they may have normals in there inner walls. YOU MUST READ IT TO FIND OUT MORE! Spaz sets off on a journey to save her. They realize that there leader is a vegetable and they make someone else a leader. They escape from the fight and they make a deal that if they find the probe runner they could go see Bean Connections I can relate this to our country because in certain places there are gangs that act like the latch leaders and have other gang/latch enemies and gang/latch fights. I can also relate by
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