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My visual analysis

No description

Suzanne Litwinka

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of My visual analysis

My visual analysis
Shannon Cruz (12th)
I feel like her intent for this piece was to have a sense of peace and freedom, maybe even isolation. It has soft colors and a spacious atmosphere. It makes me want to go there and feel the breeze and hear the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore.

About the artists

Suzanne Litwinka
Juliana Pinto (9th)
I feel like her intent for this piece was to show abuse and control and how that can effect someone, i see someone hurt, disconnected, scared and a lone. the isolation of the beach shore i feel ties into the solidarity of the girl in the picture. the beach might be a place she would want to go to let go and feel safe.
Both are images, no words, sound, or video.
I feel that both have more meaning and speak louder to me than if they were accompanied by sound or text.
For example, if you were to add sound to either of these pieces it would detract from their true meaning and our personal experience.
There are similarities and differences in these pieces, however, together they create a specific story or
message for me.
Looking at the piece to the left, you see a girl who is isolated, silenced, and seems to be in pain (emotionally and physically). To the right, you see an image of an open space, a place she may be thinking of as a place of refuge or solace.
The piece to the left conveys an obvious message of abuse, both verbally and physically, while showing the aftermath in silence.
The piece to the right conveys a feeling of hope and freedom but also poses the idea of isolation and loneliness.
For the piece to the left, my eye is first drawn to the biggest photo where there is tape over her mouth. i immediately get a feeling of mistreatment and frustration that may have been caused by the girl herself or someone else. For the piece to the right, my eye is first drawn to the warm and brightly colored sun setting. Immediately in seeing this i feel a sense of warmth, safety and freedom. While my eyes travel from the sunset itself to the rest of the landscape I also feel this sense of loneliness.
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