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No description

Amber Schwartz

on 15 May 2011

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Transcript of Paramore

Hallelujah For Paramore Jeremy Davis Hayley Williams Taylor York No One Is As Lucky As Us I've Got a Feeling If I Sang This Loud Enough You Would Sing It Back To Me Everybody Sing Like It's The Last Song You Will Ever Sing Let The Flames Begin Can You Believe We Cross The Work While It's Asleep? I'll Never Trade It In Cause I've Always Wanted This All We Know Is Falling I've Seen Love Die, Way Too Many Times When It Deserved To Be Alive I Can Feel the Pressure It's Getting Closer I Watched His Wildest Dreams Come True Not One Of Them Involving You They Taped Over Your Mouth Scribbled Out The Truth With Their Lies If I Ever Start To Think Straight This Heart Will Start A RIOT In Me My Thoughts You Can't Dec0de Ignorance Is Your New Best Friend You Built Up A World Of Magic Because Your Real Life Is Tragic You Can't Be Too Careful Any More You Are The Only Exception Next Time You Point A Finger I'll Point You To The Mirror
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