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Webb's Depth of Knowledge

No description

David Christopher

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Webb's Depth of Knowledge

Webb's Depth of Knowledge
Depth of Knowledge measures the degree to which the knowledge elicited from students on an assessment matches the complexity of the tasks students must be able to do be successful on the Common Core.
How does DOK relate to Bloom's Taxonomy?
An Overview of the Depth of Knowledge
DOK refers to cognitive complexity.
Often, question words can assist in crafting activities that meet a certain DOK level.
An overview of DOK and Bloom.
DOK and Bloom for ELA
DOK and Bloom for Math and Science
More questioning streams to assist you.
Remember, its not just the questions or the verbs.
Let's try a few together.
Exercises in groups
1. Work in groups of 3+ teachers to identify what types of activities would be a various DOK levels within your particular discipline. Elementary teachers should work on ELA or Math.
A few more thoughts and a bit
of practice.
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