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Brand Loyalty

No description

Lara Gissinger

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Brand Loyalty

Sports Marketing
Brand Loyalty
Football teams
How is Brand Loyalty built?
Tomlinson, M., Buttle, F., & Moores, B (1997). The fan as a customer: customer service in sports marketing. Journal of Hospitality and Leisure Marketing, 3(1). pp19-33
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Concept of Brand Loyalty
« The extent of the faithfulness of consumers to a particular brand, expressed through their repeat purchases, irrespective of the marketing pressure generated by the competing brands. »

Why is it important for Sports Marketing?
Customers repurchase a particular brand and show the superiority of the brand over competitors
Teams and « loyal fans »

Factors of Brand Loyalty
Brand name
Product quality
Store environment
4 determinants of fan loyalty to a team:
- Entertainment value
- Authenticity
- Fan bonding
- History and tradition

Customers are
your company's
most loyal experts
and can attract new members or customers
1) Evaluate the concept of Brand Loyalty in Sports

2) The theory behind brand loyalty

3) Products and Brand Loyalty?

4) How do teams and athletes create brand loyalty?

5) How do you measure brand loyalty?
Brand Loyalty: Loyalty Towards Athletes and Teams

Entertainment Value


Style of Play

Sporting Performance
Interaction with fans & media
Showmanship & Sex Appeal

Commitment to competition is vital.

Fan Bonding (Identification)


Official Merchandise
Fan Sections in Stadiums
Community Projects
Loyalty Cards, Credit Cards

Social Media
Official Equipment

Transfer Loyalty to New Generations
History & Tradition

Famous Victories and Losses
Previous Players/Managers

Individual Player/Athlete
Story of Career Progress

The Branding Process:
How is Loyalty Measured?
Behavioural measurements
are when one measures and observes the amount of purchases made over a certain time period.
-> Disadvantages
Not for accurate representation for future behaviour
Not able to understand the reasons behind purchase
Attitudinal measurements
where you are able to gather information as to why consumers are loyal to a particular brand
-> Disadvantages
Does not measure reality or actual purchases
1) Establish brand storytelling
-> Your story is the foundation of your brand
Connecting the brand values to the customer
Powerful stories can make us discover something new
Loyalty: Rebranding or Destroying Tradition
2) Connect with your customers
-> Create emotional connection
No rational approach -> psychological
Emotions shape the attitudes that drive decisions and behavior
Emotional connection is “capturing hearts and minds”
3) Anticipate their needs
-> “follow the customer, if they change...we change.”
Listen listen listen!
Understanding and fulfilling customers needs is crucial to the company’s growth
4) Deliver on promise
Make it a habit to deliver happiness every step of the way
Offer something new or exciting and stay true to your brand mission and promise
Sochi Olympics example
5) Be consistent
 Helps re-affirm your customers’ trust and credibility
Clarity of distinction from competitors
6) Deliver personalized experiences
Digital marketing
Focus on customer relationship
Delivering messages tailored to audience needs
Nike running events
NBA league
Video games
Sport websites
RedBull Gives You Wings
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