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Providing Feedback on Student Writing

Providesa number of different modes of feedback and demontrates ways to implement them in the classroom.

Na Tasha Crain

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Providing Feedback on Student Writing

What does feedback look like in your classroom? Learning Objectives: During this segment, teachers will be able to----
Identify effective feedback modes for your classroom.
Describe ways in which you can incorporate conferencing, peer review, and portfolios into your writing instruction.
Identify and use various feedback tools for both assessment and evaluation, depending on your curriculum and the needs of your students. http://www.learner.org/workshops/hswriting/workshops/workshop6/index.html Appropriate Ways to Provide Feedback Rewrite each statement to create a way to provide effective and more concrete responses that can be substituted for phrases like these:

I liked that sentence/paragraph.
This didn’t do anything for me.
I think this (word/sentence/paragraph) needs to be changed.
You just don’t seem to get it.
This is okay. Why is feedback important for developing successful writers? What feedback techniques did you observe in the video that you would like to incorporate in your instructional practice from now on to develop successful writers? Na Tasha Crain, Language Arts Facilitator Providing Feedback on Student Writing What types of feedback do you provide to your students and when?
How are students providing one another with useful feedback?
How often do you provide feedback or conference with your students? What are our 'Ahas'? Feedback should be aligned with the standards including the language of the STAAR/EOC rubrics, appropriate academic vocabulary, literary terms/devices, etc. Modes of Feedback
Culture of trust between T:S and S:S
Students providing feedback
Use of Writing Portfolios to assess growth
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