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Latin Project

No description

Caroline Gray Caroline

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Latin Project

Latin Project
Caroline Hills, Caroline Nagrodsky, and Gray Eubank House of Faun in Pompeii House of Vettii House of Vettii Map Showing where House of Faun is
in Pompeii Nero's Golden Palace Colossus Neronis A worker deciding how the
museum should be built this is where the colossus neronis stood a landscape of what Nero's Golden
palace might have looked like one of the rooms inside
of Nero's Golden Palace what the Colossus Neronis
looked like next to the Coloseum workers that were excavating the
land were the Golden Palace was the museum inside of the
Golden Palace another picture of the museum
inside of Nero's Golden Palace some of the artwork on the ceilings
of Nero's Golden Palace a picture of the Colossus Neronis
from a different angle Nero's double sided coin has a huge dining room with a diameter of 50ft was rebuilt after a fire in 64 A.D. had gold encrusted ceilings built of bricks and concrete each room had loads of white marble in them is more than 2,000 years old made of bronze it was changed into a statue of Sol Invictus none of it stands today The Coloseum was built
right next to The Colossus Neronis some say that the Coloseum was named after the Colossus Neronis

Statue of Augustus the face of a young emperor, but was carved when he was 40 years old Western View of the house of Vettii Map showing where the House of Vettii is located This picture was most likley
taken in Spring/Summer Statue of a dancing faun leg pose is similar to Doryphoros right leg is straight and left leg is relaxed to make the statue seem like it's moving Augustus is wearing a military uniform but is barefoot. normally a Roman would wear military boots instead. Was built in the 2nd century, B.C.
It was named for the bronze statue of a faun located in the garden
The house of faun had to be rebuilt after Mt. Vesuvius erupted
It was used as a house only from 2nd century B.C.-79A.D. Floor Plans of the
House of Faun The House of Vetti is a typical example of a house build in Pompeii
People who lived in this house were fairly wealthy
After a large earthquake in 62A.D., two freedmen took over the house
The house was named for the two freedimen that took over the house in 62A.D.; Thier names were Aulus Vettius Conviva and Aulus Vettius Restitutus Floor Plans cupid is riding a dolphin which emphasizes Augustus's claim to divine bloodline of the Julian family to Aeneas and Venus Villa of Livia the statue of Augustus was discovered
in Villa of Livia with alll the Frescas in the second century, rooms were added with black and white or colored moseics has a huge rectangular cistern South of the cistern were two rooms for cold water also had two rooms with warm water Livia Drusilla was the wife of Emporer Augustus the statue is made of marble during the wedding of augustus and livia, an eagle dropped a white hen with a fruited laurel twig in its beak. she kept the hen and planted a laurel grove. the laurel grove provided the wreaths worn inperal triumphs. the laurel trees appear in the backround of the frescos Was built in 37 A.D. It was built by Nero himself

Nero thought that he was better
than everybody else so he believed
that he deserved a house that was
bigger and more valuable than anybody
else's house Nero thought so highly of
himself that he and a few workers
built a statue of him called
The Colossus Neronis
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