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BMW's Strategic Plan

No description

Josh Warsop

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of BMW's Strategic Plan

Vision Statement
“Three brands, one vision…to become even better than we were yesterday.”
BMW Group's Strategic Plan
Kelee Pace, Kyle Baggerly,
Kyle Sorell Josh Warsop

Mission Statement
As the leading supplier of premium brands and services, the BMW Group offers its customers a unique experience of individual mobility. Thanks to our uncompromising focus on quality, BMW Group
automobiles and motorcycles
inspire more people around the world today more than ever before.The company regards society’s demand for future mobility as an obligation. It is what our products and services stand for. They contribute to society as a whole. We emphasize training our employees with the application of the most innovating technology in the industry.We believe BMW Group can provide a form of mobility for the upper class individual.
At the BMW Group, a long-term approach and responsible action form the basis of our economic success. This is seen in our consistent
environmental and social responsibility
throughout the value chain.

EFE Matrix
Top Three
U.S. Retail Sales
Increasing Fuel Prices
Increasing Presence

Top Three
Consumers Holding Vehicles
Fuel Prices
Total Weighted Score
The total weighted score for BMW Group is 2.61
Just above average
IFE Matrix
Top Three
Highly Skilled Workforce
Brand Reputation
Top Three
Premium Pricing Strategy
High Cost Structure
Weak Brand Portfolio
Total Weight Score
The total weighted score for BMW Group is 2.83

This is 0.33 above the average
CPM Matrix
We compared two of BMW Group's top competitors:
Toyota and Volkswagen
Success Factors
Product Quality
Price Competition
Financial Position
Market Share
BMW: 2.6
Volkswagen: 2.8
Toyota: 3.2
Total Weighted Score
SWOT Matrix
Space Matrix
Financial Ratios
Last Close 28-Nov-2014 $113.23
52-Week High $118.32
52-Week Low $92.02
60-Month Beta 0.89
Market Cap $68,113,791,756.00
Shares Outstanding 602.00M
Dividend Rate $3.20
Dividend Yield 3.86%
Price/Sales Ratio 0.71
Price/Book Ratio 1.50
Price/Earnings Ratio 10.35
Price/Cash Flow Ratio 15.82
Return On Assets 3.73%
Return On Equity 15.10%
Current Ratio 1.06
Long-Term Debt/Equity 1.21

QSPM Matrix
Market Penetration
Product Development
Total Score:
Market Penetration- 4.81

Product Development- 5.86
Contingency Plan
If our product development strategy does not succeed then we will pursue a market penetration strategy.
Organization Structure


Finance/ Accounting

Research and Development

Human Resources
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