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Medieval Nuns

No description

Samantha Sybo

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Medieval Nuns

Medieval Nuns
Daily Life
based on the three main vows
The vow of poverty, chastity, and obedience
Many did hard tasks like cleaning the convent, providing food and providing medical care and education to the community
abbess (head of abbey)
almoner (dispenses alms)
cellarer (supervised provisioning)
infirmarian (in charge of the infirmary)
sacrist (safekeeping of books, maintenance of building)
prioress (deputy of abbess)



Name and Identity
Sister Adela
Nun Clothing
The color of their clothes varied, depending on their order.
wore white or grey habits (head dress)
A wimple and veil
Scapula (long piece of cloth on shoulders with an opening for head)
A cross attached to a chain around their neck.
Recreational Activities
Nun's Diet
simple diet
consisted of water, bread and meat
If there was a garden at their convent, they could eat fresh fruit and vegetables.
Grew up in the town of Rouen France
Lived with her mother and father, Ava and Arthur.
Stayed at home assisting her mother with agricultural work and focusing on religion
grew up Catholic
Became a nun for the church.
She then lived at a convent in France.
Nun's Dwelling
Lived in a convent
Convent was self-providing
Never had to leave to get anything
everything was provided for them
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