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Copy of 40 Book Challenge

No description

Nicole Parker

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of Copy of 40 Book Challenge

* The 40 Book Challenge
In order for a book to count towards your 40 Book Challenge it must a, “just right” book at your instructional reading level (the exception to this would be a classroom read aloud book read by a teacher). Any books that are below or above your, “just right” level will not be counted.

In order for a book to count towards your 40 Book Challenge it must be an appropriate length. Most picture books, pamphlets, easy readers, etc., will not be counted towards the challenge. If you have a question about a book check with a teacher before you begin reading.

Any book that you complete which is more than 400 pages may count as two books within that genre.

You will be completing regular independent reading and responding both in class and at home each night, so the quality of book choices is important.

You will be required to document all books, both abandoned and read, with all needed information on your 40 Book Challenge Log in your language arts binder.

Once you are finished with each book, you will need to have a teacher initial your 40 Book Challenge Log before you begin a new book.

It is important that you maintain an appropriate pace throughout this challenge. You will need to be reading 14 or more books each trimester, which is about 1 book per week. You will be meeting regularly with a teacher to conference about your reading and monitor your progress.

Provides information on a topic
Organized into categories or sections
No characters or setting
Informational Text (5)
Biography - Story of someone's life written by another person
Autobiography - Story of someone's life written by him/herself
Memoir - A short account of the author's life written by him/herself
Biography/Autobiography/Memoir (2)
A collection of poems in book form
Contains figurative language (similes, metaphors, personification)
May follow a form/structure, but doesn't have to
Poetry Anthology (2)
Characters are everyday people doing everyday things
Setting is a modern-day realistic place
Plot has realistic events
Might deal with a social issue
Realistic Fiction (5)
Fantasy type of fiction that involves some sort of scientific concept/theory
Often takes place in the future
Science Fiction (2)
Contains unrealistic or unworldly elements
Characters may have magical powers in addition to human qualities
Usually tells a story of good versus evil
Fantasy Fiction (5)
Takes place in the past
Plot contains historical events
Characters might be historical figures
Historical Fiction (5)
Involves something unknown
Centered around a person investigating or obtaining secret information
Mystery (2)
Stories passed down for generations with an unknown origin
Examples are myths, legends, folk takes, and nursery rhymes
Traditional Literature (2)
What are some books you are really wanting to read?
Think about favorite genres, authors, series, and topics.
Reader's Choice
(2 Chapter Books)
A book and author that have been honored for excellence
These could include Newbery Honor, Caldecott, Coretta Scott King, Beehive, or National Book Award (look for seals on the front of the book)
Award Honored/Winning Book (1)
*So, what books will you be reading during the 2016-2017 school year?
*Beat the 40 Book Challenge!
This year you will be participating in the 40 Book Challenge. This means that you will be reading a total of 40 books or more throughout the school year. You will be reading from a variety of genres in order to explore books you might not ordinarily read and to develop an understanding of literary elements, text features, text structures, author’s purpose, author’s style, and more!
Don’t get overwhelmed by the number 40! As a sixth grader you will log a lot of reading time both during and outside of school time. Since your book choices should be at your, “just right” level, you should be working through books at a pace that will allow you to meet your 40 Book Challenge by the end of the school year. Many of you will probably exceed this amount.

When in doubt, ask! If you have a question about a book and how it fits in to your 40 Book Challenge, ask a teacher before you begin reading.

Use your resources to help you! You should have no problem finding books to help you meet your 40 Book Challenge. Our classroom library and school library covers all of these genres through hundreds of books. The same is true of your public library or book stores, except they have thousands of books to choose from. Use our team website and other resources on the Internet to help you search for books by level, genre, author, subject, etc.

Graphic Novel (2)
Series Books (2)
Made into a movie
Comic content
Author Study (2)
Choose a favorite author or a new one:
Kate DiCamillo
Rebecca Stead
Pam Munoz Ryan
Jerry Spinelli
Cornelia Funke

STAR Bookclub
* End of the year celebration for those
who reach or surpass the challenge
* Make sure to do the following...
record on daily reading log
keep track of all the books you read
do a book talk with a partner each time you finish a book
read each night for 30 minutes or more
* End of the year presentation of TOP FIVE Books!!
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