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No description

Amy Swanson

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Monday

love to read
Enjoy reading a book of your choice for fifteen minutes.

Place your reading log on your desk. Please make sure your name is on it.

I will deliver you a new reading log and a do now sheet.
Independent Reading
Persistence is the theme for the week.
Copy the quote and author completely and correctly
Respond in a meaningful and thoughtful manner.
Do Now- 1.9.15
The book, not the fruit.
First, let's finish reading.

Now, you have TWO options for your end-of-novel project.

1. Write a five-paragraph continuation to the story. Include one illustration.

2. Write what happens to five of the characters ten years later. Include one illustration.
What do you think?
This week's AOW involves an exploration of the suggested connection between autism and vaccination.

This week's article also involves infographics, which are visual images, such as a chart or diagram, used to represent information or data.
Article of the Week
January 12th, 2015
On, between, among, beside...
This week's roots are:

epi - on , beside, among
inter - between, among
para- beside, beyond
Greek and Latin Roots Are Back!
A run-on sentence happnes when two sentences run together without punctuation or without a comma and a connecting word (coordinating conjunction).
Harrison and the ballerina
First, we will go over the questions. When your name is drawn, please respond with your answer to the question we are currently discussing. One speaker at a time is the expectation for whole-class discussions.

By the way, a good "allusion" in the story is "He threw away his red-rubber ball nose to reveal a man that would have awed Thor, the God of thunder," -an allusion to Greek mythology.
"Harrison Bergeron"
Run-On Sentences
"Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in."
Bill Bradley

As always, we will pre-read the questions before reading the article so that we can annotate with purpose. Think about ways in which reading and annotating are different when infographics are involved.
What other words do you know that contain these prefixes?
Let's draw names. When your name is drawn, read the word, part of speech, and definition. The next name will read the sentence. And so on, and so forth.
She was a really fast runner she won every race she entered.
She was a really fast runner; she won every race she entered.
Now, use the planning sheet, the prompt on the board, and the rubric in the packet to write a prequel that successfully explains how society got to be the way it is in the story.
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