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Buffalo Wild Wings, Corvallis, OR

No description

Diana Pego

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Buffalo Wild Wings, Corvallis, OR

Site Evaluation Key Players and Goals Owner: World Wide Wings, LLC
Builder: DLA Construction Services Slab Buffalo Wild Wings PMP - Case Study #1 Executive Summary Project Requirements Corvallis, OR Kacey Clemens
Dan Freitas
Georg Gold
Robbie Mize
Eric McClure
Diana Pego GROUP 1 Specific Requirements General Requirements Project must be: Visible Accessible Buildable At least 5,000 sf. of building space Access to over 100 parking stalls High traffic counts Entertainment districts nearby Lots of beer, sports, and wing fanatics in the area As set forth by World Wide Wings, LLC Why Corvallis? Not yet spread to mid-Willamette valley College town lacking large "sports" bar Selected location right in the middle of busiest commercial retail district Location/Access 1 Construction Entrance 3 Business Entrances 1800 Block of NW 9th Street Shopping Center Residential on west border Materials Several contractor's warehouses and retail centers nearby - Hardwood Centre, Inc., Home Depot, Bimart, etc. Knife River providing: - aggregate delivery/placement - ready-mix concrete construction - paving of the site lot - ready-mix concrete Labor Force Coalition Graduate Employees, AFT Local 6069 - Will provide majority of the laborers, tools, and equipment Material Receiving/Storage Materials will be delivered as needed to minimize storage Receiving done on Northern end of site, from 9th street Material laydown areas for BWW and Panda Express will be shared 1800 Block of NW 9th Street BWW, the "face" of the new development (also includes Walmart, Panda Express, etc.) Owner: World Wide Wings, Inc. - Contractor: DLA Construction Services, LLC Project start date: Aug 2012 - Anticipated opening date: Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Currently 3 projects going up same lot (9 acres) simultaneously Opposition from nearby residents Owner Primary Financer Design/Build (Builder Led) Finish Construction Mid-December Open Early-Mid January Roof Construction Mid-October Construction Approach Plan Schedule ( Shopping Center)
Lay down Areas
Site Movements
Start Location Exterior Walls Roof Large Utility/Mechical Electrical Interior Finishing Furnishing Environmental Physical Features 9 acres Flat (previously cleared lot) Overhead powerlines Office Max along north border Knecht's Auto Parts south border Construction Process Support Easy access for trucks, equipment, and material delivery Ample parking for workers on-site Construction materials available locally Workforce Support Local workforce is sufficient to complete a project of this size and scope - Not necessary to provide housing, food, banking, or clothing for workers During cold-weather construction: - Workers to provide their own protective rain gear - DLA to provide all PPE Workforce safety concerns due to surrounding construction Environmental Impact Noise level Heavy Traffic Precipitation (Site Drainage) - Non-permeable surface No trees Noise Permitting
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