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Final Draft - Fanta Research Presentation

Made by Pascall Phillips

Pascall Phillips

on 2 March 2012

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Transcript of Final Draft - Fanta Research Presentation

Research Presentation on Made By Pascall Phillips Contents Page History On Fanta Made in 1942 By a Coka Cola GmbH Because fanta couldnt send out any of there syrup to the other nations The name "Fanta" was extracted from the word "Fantasie" After World War II Fanta was introduced to the United States by Coca-Cola And then later in 1960 they bought the trademark Present Date Fanta is now sold in more than 180 countrys WORLD WIDE!!! Swiftly Moving On The Coca Cola history extends back to 1885 Quick history on the parent company -- Coka Cola. John Pemberton invented the original recipe for a new cocawine Three versions of Coca-Cola were on the market by 1888, sold by three separate companies. Candler incorporated The Coca-Cola Company in 1982, and began marketing the product. S.W.O.T Anayles Strenghs Coca-Cola Co has revamped its Fanta Orange brand to offer 100% natural flavours for the US market. Plus It's Worlds leading brand. Worldwide dominations and mass distribution. Its has leading audiences and customer satisfaction. Weaknesses The decline of cash from other oparating activities The sluggish sale performance in north america The negative publicity Opportunities To expand and explore different flavours Also try and mixed flavours As well as new intresting packaging/bottling design Improve on the american market Threats Other drinks costing less Losing the target audience to smaller companies Its main competitor PepsiCo Lack of new ingredient. Research On Target Audience Fanta targets mostly the teenage audience, the evidence of this is that nearly all of there advert are all animated and have a this fast paced and very highly saturated setting. Diet soft drinks are targeted at consumers who are older in age, between the years of 25 and 39. The Coca-Cola Company when advertising, has a primary target market of those who are 13-24, and a secondary market of 10-39. Fanta Fruit Twist was most popular among the teenages. This backs up the fanta research as they said fanta is a teenage favourite. Primary Research I conducted a taste taster in my media lesson, gain people's reactions to different fanta flavors The results came back as followed. The results show that the teenagers favored the fanta fruit twist Whilst the oldest person like the tango, making because its lack sugar. Fanta's Competitor's Fanta's is under Coka Cola Gmbt The main rival to Coka Cola is the soft drink industry is PepsiCo However the race is pretty one sided because Coka Cola are power abusers But this I mean coka cola buy, up and coming companies and indorse them into the coka cola family. Therefore increasing profits from the market Cola Coka target audience is teenegers. There also know teenegers are the biggest cinema attendee's Therefore they take advantage of this and use product placement insert fanta and other coka cola products, into the big blockbusters films As well as cinema, indorse they product on into the music industry By doing so this is constantly increases sales and keeping the popularity at a high They run free song give away on the cans. This makes the target audience actually what to buy a fanta instead of the cheaper drinks Here is some words the audience used to descibe different fanta's and a Tango. Ziggy Fanta's U.S.P (Unique Selling Point) Like most companies, coka cola has many drinks in thier control Fanta however have a selected range of people they target that advertisement and product to. Young people 12-28 (approx) My primary research even backs up my theory that fanta (coka cola) have already stated. Fanta take thier advantage by advertise there drinks in cinema, because ther target audience in the main attendees. Furthermore, they even used a bigger target audience, The music industry. And being Apple iTunes is in control of the distrubution, it's only fitting that they mass produce promotion for buying thier drink. Advertisement Legelations TV advertisements for food products that are classed as high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) will not be shown in or around programmes that hold particular appeal for children up to 16 years of age. 7.2 Food and Soft Drink Advertising and Children Advertisements must avoid anything likely to encourage poor nutritional habits
or an unhealthy lifestyle in children. 7.2.1 Diet and lifestyle. 7.2.2 Pressure to purchase Although children may be expected to exercise some preference over the
food they eat or drink, advertisements must be prepared with a due sense of
responsibility and should not directly advise or ask children to buy or to ask
their parents or other adults to make enquiries or purchases. (Phrases such as “Ask Mummy to buy you” are not acceptable.) 7.2.3 Promotional offers Promotional offers should be used with a due sense of responsibility. They may not be used in HFSS product advertisements targeted directly at preschool
or primary school children. Advertisements featuring a promotional offer should ensure a significant presence for the product. The Soft Drink Industry The industry is split up into 2 sectors. Beverages And Alcoholic Drinks Small amounts of alcohol may be present in a soft drink, but the alcohol content generally must be less than 0.5% of the total volume if the drink is to be considered non-alcoholic. In each region of the world, a major producing controls the supplies. Although the information shown says the coka and pepsi only control the northern american region, However the reality is that coka cola and pepsi.co control most of the other regions aswell. The industry is mostly controlled by 2 main companies. Pepsi. Co and the main one Coka Cola. The results here is the same as what fanta stated, a reason for the fruit twist being highly favored by the teenages is because of the high sugar levels. Anayles on different Fanta Ad's My Propasal Bang! Ive learnt from the previuos fanta adverts. They've used 2 different advertisement techiniques Animation And Real life people e.g (Fantanas) But the change in technique of advertisement is rare. Revive the buzz Even so fanta have yet again changed from animation back to real life people again. Leaving us wondering whats going on. So my mega awesome idea. We mix the ideas from both types of advertisement techniques that Fanta have already used. Around nightlife, and exploring ideas around safe drinking and night life. For my main target audience. Yummy Dusty Sour Dry Fizzy Strong http://www.ciao.co.uk/Fanta_Fruit_Twist__Review_5526889 Sound: Mild Non-Diagetic Drum Beat.... In Sync With Effects Editing: Starts wih desaturated picture Symbolises how fanta come add colour to your life... Target Audience: The quirkiness of the advert and the screen play gives reason to believe its targetted at teenages. Mise En Scene Camera's... Basketball... Urban Location Cinemathography Mainly Long Shots... Sound: Diegetic Catchy Soundtrack
"Wanta Fanta" Fanta Is Up Paced!!! Mise En Scene: Different Locations Editting: Quick duration shots... Pace Pace!! Plus saturation, Happy Effect Some Advertising Techniques used here are; rush marketing, sex appeal basically making the audience fall in love with the product, very quickly through soundtrack, slogan etc... Cinemathography Different shots types such as Ms, Cu, Ls , And I must remember that fanta has a tradition of using upbeat adverts. A rule that cannot be broken Which are the Teenages, which fanta mainly target. Fanta even use sex appeal in there fanta advert, to further reach the audience. Dont lose control men. My First idea. To make a fashion show... A runway of girls and a boys looking all sexy... Then fans are screaming and shouting and jump on the stage to grab the fanta... Then a Fanta Comes Out... It's mostly to do with Humour, using sex appeal.. Static and Dymanic shooting. It would be shoot in the drama studio like the fashion show... However i knew this idea couldnt executed, because i dont know how to make a fanta move... But im keen on learning. Using celebrity indorsement and product placement. So whats makes fanta so good?? Im trying to get it all in 1 shot. Take 1 Action!! Research Anaylisis After Screening the first cut of my advert to my primary audience . The results came out as followed. The response to age, was mostly 16-20. This was perfect for me because
my target audience is in this category. Completely effeciant. Gender: It was a 'random variable' so therefore i couldnt control that more males then female's responded to my advert. However i can deduct from my results that the male seems to understand the story line quicker than the female's. Post Research Presenation Here are some of the qualitative data i recieved from my advert. From this feedback. The changes i had to make to my advert became very hard to make. Because i couldnt cut out alot. I had to make minimal changes to shorten the time.
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