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UDL Lesson Plan

EDEL 515 Fall 14

Regina Roberts

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of UDL Lesson Plan

Alphabet Knowledge
Universal Design for Learning
Grade Pre K - Domain: Language and Literacy
Alphabet Knowledge
Book "Chicka, Chicka, Boom Boom"
ABC chart on the wall / visual letters
cut out foam letters, letter stamp, ink pad, magnetic letters, children's name cards
UDL Lesson Plan
students will recognize that the letters of the alphabet are a special category of visual graphics that can be individually named
that the letters of the alphabet have distinct sounds associated with them
to recognize some some letters in their own name
to identify letters in the environment and associates correct sounds
Materials Needed: UDL Implementation
PAL - Planning for all Learners
Technology: Train ABC songs www.youtube.com video
songs: ABC and letter sound
Vocabulary: alphabet, letters, sounds
Teacher will open the lesson by telling the children:
"Good morning boys and girls, today we are going to learn
the letters of the alphabet"
Teacher will use a KWL chart to assess
student's previous knowledge. Through
responses of students teacher will implement
a variety of medium to reach all learners.

1. Teacher will begin lesson by showing the children that their names have letters.
2. Children will look at their name cards and observe the letters. Teacher will ask students if they want to share with the class their letters.
3. Teacher will read aloud some letters of children's name.
Children will share and compare their letters with their peers.
4. At circle time: teacher will read "Chicka , Chicka, Boom, Boom" showing the pictures and letters. Book will be available for furher exploration during free choice time.
During small group activity and free choice time students will have a choice of making a letter collage, stamp letters, explore magnetic letters on a white board, making letters with play dough, digging for letters in the sand box, listen and sing the ABC song on Ipad, or watch the video of Train ABC.

Alignment Standards:
Preschool Curriculum Foundation
ABC song
Ipad: preschool learning
games, letters and sounds
by: Regina Roberts


Students will share their letter
collage or their letter stamp with their peers, they will make letters with play dough, or copy letters from the environment.
Teacher will use observations notes, DRDP assessment tool, photographs, and children's work sample to assess children's understanding and learning.
Lesson will be carried out for the entire year, integrated in all other domains.
Teacher will send out letter to families informing and sharing activities to be reinforced at home.
Ex. Play "I spy" with letters, compare how many letters are in each member of their families. Make an alphabet book with pictures of magazines, play the ABC song, watch the video ABC song.

Universal Design
for Learning
This lesson plan has met the principles of UDL with means of representation, expression, and engagement.
Examples of multiple means of Representation
Visual ABC chart on the wall, letter magnetic, foam letter, stamp letter, ABC song, ABC video, ABC book, and working on ABC with IPads

Examples of multiple means of Expression

Sharing their letter collage or stamp letter with friends, copying or writing letters on a paper, stamping letters with ink pads, writing their names with magnetic letters, making letters with play dough, writing their names, playing letter game on Ipads, comparing the letters in their names with their peers, counting how many letters are in their names.
Examples of multiple means of engagement
Singing the ABC song, looking at the letters of their names, and their peers, matching letters with the letters of their names, looking for letters in the environment, watching a youtube video of ABC song, playing letter games on an Ipad. Playing " I spy" with letters in the environment.
Ex: Digging for letters in the sand, writing
letters with spray bottles, tracing letters with
with shaving cream, and making letters with
play dough.
Children will explore the sounds by visually seeing
the youtube video, or by playing on the Ipad the letter
game. Children will also have an option to listen to the book on a CD player
Universal Design for Learning is a method of teaching
that integrates multiple modalities. These modalities are represented in: Representation, Expression, and Engagement.
When all these three principles are integrated into the curriculum students have the opportunity to explore and learn how they grasp understanding best.
Teachers have the opportunity to learn what method works best for each one of their students including students who are ELL, or students with learning disabilities. By integrating the principles of UDL, teachers are best able to effectively plan lessons that reach all types of learners in her classroom.
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