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Simon Pham

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Anime

Top Ten Anime
1. Sword art online 2. Hataraku Mou-sama
3. Fairy Tail 4. High School DxD Season 2
5. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 6. Date.A.Live
7. Naruto Shippuden 8. World God Only Knows 3
9. Bleach 10. One Piece

Types of Anime
There are different categories:
Cosplay short for custome play is a performance of art in which participants where customes and accessories to represent a specific character.
The favorite source include manga, anime. comic books, video games and films. This cosplay mostly influence japanese people.

Unlike the western who generally think that "comics are for kids" Anime is aimed for kids, teens and adult. Anime is a manga for people all ages.

By Genre:
Game based
By Demographic:
Shojo: Girls
Shonen: Boys
Seinen: Teens boys
Josei: young women
Kodomo: for kids
Hentai: not for young viewers
Different style Anime Drawing
Difference of comic and anime
History of Anime
Anime was first created in the 20th century when Japanese filmakers experimented with animation that have been explored in th West. In the 1970s, anime was developed further, seperating itself from the Western roots.
In the 1980s Anime was accepted in the maintream in Japan.
Anime Games
Anime are made into games if are already really popular.
Old Anime
Modern Anime
Every mangaka have different style of drawing like shown here in these videos
Manga are comics created by Japanese people also known as mangaka. If the manga is getting popular then they can colour the pages, if the manga is very popular it can be turned into an anime. Some manga that are not very popular will stop coming out more volumne
Ninja storm 3
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