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I Have Lived a Thousand Years

No description

Marissa Newell

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of I Have Lived a Thousand Years

I Have Lived a Thousand Years
By: Livia Bitton-Jackson
Marissa Newell
Memoir on growing up in the Holocaust
No matter how tough life becomes, never give up.
Elli tells the reader in the foreword that her message is to never give up, and she keeps herself motivated in every situation.
Pgs. 11, 121, 143, 151,213
Main Conflict

Elli, because she forms a much better relationship with her mother and is more appreciative for what she has.

"Mommy's explanations are unconvincing. I believe she does not hug me because she does not think I am huggable. I believe she does not call me beautiful because she does not think I am pretty." - Page 14
"My relationship with Mommy has undergone a transformation." - Page 220

German Soldiers
Were always against the Jews and doing their best to torture them
"Bubi reaches to grab his hat that fell off his head and an SS man kicks him in the back, sending him tumbling onto the tracks."- Page 72

The soldiers constantly call the women names.-Pgs. 77,93,130,144

"I receive a punishment. I am ordered to kneel on the gravel in front of the command barrack for twenty-four hours without food or drink." Pg. 130

SS woman tries to break Mommy's arm and Elli jumps on her. Elli is punched and kicked. Bruised and bleeding but thankful to be alive.-Pg. 145










Literary Elements
"Her voice is the thin, high pitched screech of a bird, barley audible."
"Clusters of people linger on both sides of the road, beyond the fence. Are they men or women? Shorn heads. Gray dresses. They run to the fence and stare. Blank stares. The blank stares of the insane. They have the appearance of the mentally ill. Impersonal. This is probably an asylum for the mentally ill. Poor souls."

"For one awful moment, time stands still."
The prisoners fought their hardest to stay alive waiting to be saved from the Germans.
The most exciting part of the book was when the Jews realized that everything was over. Germany had surrendered and they were free. They weren't sure what to do, freedom was a whole different world from what they had been living and it was amazing for them. Throughout the book, the reader really connects to Elli and it is great to see her move on.
I would recommend this book to anyone. It was a great book although very hard to read at times. I think that it is important for people to learn about the Holocaust because it is world history and it should never be forgotten. After learning what these people went through, it makes you realize how fortunate you are.
"Like a puppet on a string, she starts to move her legs involuntarily."
"Mommy and I are crouching and I can see the lovely woods we are leaving. A cool April breeze rushes through the small window."
when the narrator stops to show or describe an event that occurred at an earlier time
the use of hints for the reader to anticipate what will happen later
an exaggeration or an overstatement
an implied discrepancy between what is said and what is meant
the comparison of two unlike things without the use of "like" or "as"
reveals a kind of truth which at first seems contradictory
giving human qualities to objects or animals
the comparison of two unlike things using "like" or "as"
the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities
the use of vivid figurative language to represent objects, actions, or ideas
Other Experiences
1) Forced to strip and shave
3) Drink from puddles
2) Elli survives because of her blonde

4) Found sand, glass, wood, worms,
and cloth in "soup"

5) Rumors that Hitler is dead
7) 100 women on a boxcar and then
30 more added

8) Mother is slightly paralyzed for a
few weeks

Background on Title
A middle-aged German woman approaches me. "We didn't know anything. We had no idea. You must believe me. Did you have to work hard also?"
"Yes," I whisper.
"At your age, it must have been difficult."
At my age. What does she mean? "We didn't get enough to eat. Because of starvation. Not because of my age."
"I meant, it must have been harder for the older people."
For older people? "How old do you think I am?"
"Sixty? Sixty-two?"
"Sixty? I am fourteen years old."
I am fourteen years old, and I have lived a thousand years. - Pg. 205
Ignorant &
9) Sent to work in factories
10) Guards took advantage of the women
11) Receive clothes from Jews who went to the crematorium
13) Bubi is unbelievably skinny and seems unconscious
12) Find potatoes and wash them in toilet
14) Jews let off boxcars only to try to escape and be shot
16) Says that wearing underwear is a luxury
17) Digs up money and jewelry that father buried in basement
Jews being forced into labor camps and being abused by Germans
Jews having to have hope and keep moving to stay alive
Man vs. Man & Man vs. Self
Pgs. 19,68,74,122,134,161,190,205
-"I am asking you to risk your life," I whisper. "I need your help." -Pg. 134
Self Conscious
6) A-17360
15) Trip back home is awful
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