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edTPA Task 3: Assessing Student Learning

No description

Wynter Smith

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of edTPA Task 3: Assessing Student Learning

Part A: Student Work Examples
Part B: Evidence of Feedback
Part C: Assessment Commentary
form and structure (expressive features, organizational principles)
production (tools, techniques, processes)
art context (personal, social, cultural, historical)
personal perspective (an individual perspective to artistic production and expression)
Part D: Evaluation Criteria
What to Submit?
edTPA Task 3:
Assessing Student Learning

How will you...
Gather evidence
Provide feedback
Analyze evidence
Identify use of language
1. Student Work Examples
2. Evidence of Feedback
3. Assessment Commentary
4. Evaluation Criteria
Types of Submissions
PDF samples
text files
video recordings of artwork
Assessments should consider
What Should You Pick?
3 works that represent the patterns of learning
at least one with specific learning needs
a student with an IEP (Individualized Education Program)
or 504 plan, an English language learner, a struggling reader, an underperforming student or a student with gaps in academic knowledge, and/or a gifted student needing
greater support or challenge.
Assessment Rubrics
Your rubric
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