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Work Experience

No description

Ravi Sidhu

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Work Experience

Beaver Creek Elementary Roles/Responsibilities:

assist in teaching(help with spelling tests, math quizes, gym, etc.)
one on one help
answer any questions students have

Challenges: students that dont cooperate with what you are trying to teach
coming up with lessons to teach pe Favourite Memory: My favourite memory was going outside during recess to beat grade 5/6's in basketball What I learned about myself how I react in different situations
need to work on my communication skills Influence on my future career/educational goals: I can be a leader of a large group of people
can work with different age groups
showed me different career options if I want to get into teaching
Interesting Story: Every year Beaver Creek Elementary celebrates
Vaisakhi by organizing a lunch for all the students serving traditional food. Also, the school organizes an assembly where students perform a variety of dances.
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