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Sustainable development

No description

Kerstin Sylwan

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Sustainable development

sustainable development Home utopia distopia Kerstin Sylwan, Mid Swedish University Industrial Design how would you define sustainable development? accelerating climate change
resource depletion
war over resources an introduction to the environmental situation rising living standards
technological development
- do you have a utopia? Question ecology economy culture preserving Earth's resources, and the ecosystem's productivity, lessen negative impact on nature and improve the health of humans. best use of existing resources, both human and material, for coming generations. building a long term sustainable society based on fundamental human rights. zero price problem materials are invisble use of materials of today speed
location open design an introdutction and definition with a designers' slant a development that cultivates environmental and social conditions that will support human well-being indefinitely behaviour ownership/
sharing time and pace borrowing from the future profit driven companies
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