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Eportfolio presentation

Wildcare presentation

Alisa Atkinson

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Eportfolio presentation

THE WILDCARE TRUST What is the wildcare trust?? The Wildcare trust is a charity that works to protect endangered species. The WildCare Trust was set up in 2005 with the aim of saving animals from extinction. The main threats 2 endangered animals are:
Loss of Habitat
Climate Change Membership fees and how to get involved!!! Why?

Animals are endangered all over the world! It's so simple 2 adopt an animal all u have to do is find an animal in our database that u would like 2 adopt an then fill out an application form and when u get a reply from us all u then have to do is pay a small fee per month which will stop the animal of ur choice from being endangered. What u'll get from adopting an animal??
Obviously adopting an animal is a gr8 experience but u will also receive a membership card and pack folder and we will also send u information on how your animal is getting along every month :)
so u can b sure that ur money is making a difference. Wildcare kids(under 13's) and teens(13-19 yr olds) membership.U only have to pay a small fee per month :) Save an animal today and everything will be okay!! * Membership fees
teens: £15.00
kids: £10.00 The stuff u get from adopting an animal:
Membership Pack Folder
Happy Glowing Feeling :) Collect a leaflet from ur school office!!!!!

Or visit: WildCareTrust.co.uk

Hope u enjoyed the presentation! Get involved :D Thank you
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