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Protein Synthesis

No description

abby freo

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Protein Synthesis

Transcription and Translation Working together:
Ribosome and tRNA Translation occurs in the cytoplasm A G C Codon U C G Practice
tRNA: A G C mRNA Serine Practice
amino acid: ?

amino acid: ? Translation Steps 6 7 8 Protein Synthesis Overview Agenda for Feb. 27, 2012
Turn to pg. 303
Review Transcription
Translation Notes
Protein Synthesis Simulation

HW: Quiz Thursday
DNA and Protein Syntheis Practice Be with your group at all times.
Make sure everyone decodes one of the codons using the amino acid wheel.
You may listen to your music but will lose the privelage if your not working! Agenda for Feb. 28, 2012 -Review Transcription and Translation (5min)
-Go over computer simulation (5min)
-Finish Protein synthesis WS & turn in (25min)
-Note check (15min) Hw: Quiz Thursday! Agenda for Feb. 29. 2012 Go over note quiz
Traits Lab (individually) *DNA -->mRNA -->tRNA --> Amino Acid
*Draw and color your traits HW: STUDY FOR THE QUIZ TOMORROW!!! Quiz Study Materials Protein synthesis notes
Computer simulated WS Agenda for April 1, 2013 Pass back DNA model Lab and Comp. simulated protein synthesis (5 min)
Missing Assignment List (2 min)
Watch Video Clip of Protein Synthesis (2min)
Learning to Use the Decoder (amino acid chart)
Practice converting and step ws(15 min)
must be stamped!!! Transcription
steps 1 2 3 4 5 Protein Synthesis WE ARE ALL UNIQUE!!! TRAITS come from Genes REDUNDANCY IN DNA 4 nucleotide bases 64 diff combinations 3 bases BUT ONLY 20 amino acid??? A, U, C & G Monomer of Protein Gene Expression 3 Bases = 1 amino acid A C U Serine Process of Protein Synthesis Copy DNA Decode
= translate RNA Genetic
information rRNA aka Ribosomal RNA is like a coded message is like a mRNA aka Messenger RNA tRNA aka Transfer RNA is like a Agenda for April 3, 2013 1st 2 min of class!!! GET STAMPED Get your Codon practice stamped now!
Late work list....AGAIN!
Finish mRNA WS and place into the folder.
ABSENT Tuesday??? Grab a codon chart from Mrs. Freo Agenda for April 5, 2013 Grab cornell notes
Protein Synthesis notes
Exit Card Scan the Forest How does our cell know which gene it's looking for? Scan the forest for hidden animals Scan for a sea turtle DNA mRNA Protein gene for blue eye color Transcription Translation Amino acid: Serine What is anticodon???????? Agenda for April 8, 2013 Pick up NEW PACKET!!!
Warm Up Practice
Transcription and Translation Video
Chrismtas Story scene
Traits Lab WARM UP Match the following statements with the correct term (may be used more than once). 1. moves amino acid to ribosome
2. found in the nucleus
3. place where proteins are made
4. contains anticodon that act as a password
5. contains RNA
6. carries an encoded message to ribosome
7. complimentary to mRNA codon
8. process in nucleus
9. process in cytoplasm a. tRNA
b. rRNA
c. mRNA
d. ribosome
e. translation
f. transcription
g. DNA
h. anticodon Genes --> Traits (proteins) TRAITS LAB WARM UP 4/10/13 DNA: A T G C C G T A A 1. The gene above codes for protein markers that symbolize"A- BLOOD TYPE" and needs to be copied for new blood cells. Create the messenger RNA.

2. How many codons are there in the mRNA strand?

3. Draw the 1st tRNA (anticodon and amino acid attached) that will be allowed into the ribosome. Draw 2nd and 3rd tRNA.

4. Write out the amino acids that will create the protein for "A- BLOOD TYPE"
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