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Ten Miles Past Normal

No description

Bri Faciszewski

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Ten Miles Past Normal

Sarah Lyman
is Janie s best friend and they do not have the same lunch and only have one class at the end of the day together.

Sarah wants to make all cocoa production fair trade. She is passionate about politics and changing the world
Leaving the Suburbs
Janie couldn't believe her parents were taking one of her ideas seriously.
"It's a wonderful idea, Janie," my mom declared. Pg. 7
My dad grinned at me. "A humdinger of an idea." Pg. 7

Eight months later nine-year old Janie, her litter sister Avery, and her modern day hippie parents move to a farm to raise chickens, goats and grow their own vegetables.
Ten Miles Past Normal
by- Frances O'Roark Dowell
Chickens and Goats and Manure Oh My!
Being a farm girl was cool and cute, until high school. Smelling like goat poop was not Janie's idea of blending into her first days of ninth grade. There was nothing normal about winning the title of "Skunk Girl" her first week of high school.

Goat poop on her shoe, pushes all the kids sitting near her to move to the back of the bus to avoid the smell....earning her the reputation of weird farm girl.
Making New Friends
The" Jeremy Finch"

Janie and Sarah have had a major crush on him since the first day of school. Tall lanky with clear blue eyes The girls find the courage to talk to him and he invites them to join the school Jam Band. pg.61
The Monster
Jeremy's friend
" A Mack Truck of a guy, Monster Partin Monroe." pg 67
standing six-two, red hair pulled in a ponytail was the newest friend Janie made. Monster was also in the Jam Band and taught Janie to play the Bass Guitar. He was older and had his own apartment. Janie and Monster became good friends. They only share a brief kiss before deciding he was too old for her.

A story about a 14 year old girl named Janie Gorman. Janie's goal is to blend in and be a normal girl starting the ninth grade at Manneville High.
Choice book report by : Bri Faciszewski
Janie avoids the cafeteria and heads to the Library to check out her mothers latest blog about their life on the farm. She meets a quirky girl there that she refers to as the Angel Hair Tattoo Girl, Verbena is her real name).pg.46

Janie is excited to make her first new friend in spite of the girls "sharpie" tattoos.
Interesting Facts:

Janie names the animals on the farm....Ty Cobb the rooster,Patsy Cline and Kitty Wills are goats.
Loretta Lynn is also a goat but she is Janie's favorite and
she talks to her every morning when she milks her.
The Project

Sarah and Janie choose Hazel Pritchard
a local Civil Rights leader for their History project. The girls enlist Emma, Sarah's super cool older sister. Janie's dad introduces them to Mrs. Pitchards elderly husband to interview about his late wife. Harlan Pritchard accompanies the girl to Mrs Septima Brown's
house to tell them the story of how they started the Citizenship School. pg 133

Harlan and Septima Brown recount the story of how they started the school to teach people to read and write so they could register to vote. They share the many difficulties they had to encounter, many of them very dangerous. The little school house still stands on the outskirts of town. Mr Pritchard remembers his wife's bravery as she stands up to those who did not agree with their mission. The girls were shocked to hear about the Klan placing a 10 foot burning cross in the Pritchards yard.
The Adventures of the
Civil Rights Project
Mr. Pritchard dies
Janie and Sarah skip school with Emma to tell Septima Brown.
They go to the old school house to take pictures in fear of the house being torn done since Mr. Pritchard owned it and he was gone.
They drag Monster into their scheme to help them trespass and they all get arrested.
After all charges are dropped Janie and Monster go to the Pritchard's house and dig up the cross and take it to the farm.

The old fashion country hoedown party Janie's mom throws. Via her blog she invites just about everyone in town.

Sarah and Emma make their Klezmer band debut complete with their accordions and the Jam Band from school and play "Sunrise,Sunset" from
Fiddler on the Roof. pg. 210

Janie joins in the Klezmer fun by joining them on stage and playing bass. Leaving behind the embarrassment and doubt of the skunk girl image.

When Janie tells Verbena that she just wants to meet a normal guy, Verbena says "oh Janie,you are so past normal. Normal was ten miles ago and in another county." pg.206

They all changed that year, with a greater purpose and understanding for helping others and. making a difference.
Embracing Who You Are
Ten Miles Past Normal
by Frances O'Roark Dowell
Jacket photographs copyright 2011 by Thomas Heinser
Music: Fiddler on the Roof (New Broadway cast) by Cast and company of Fiddler on the Roof

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