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Choosing a new design agency

No description

Mark Williams

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Choosing a new design agency

Trust is a fundamental part of the relationship between a client and a design agency, when things go wrong it can be down to a number of different factors, these might be:
trust & relationships
We believe creating a strong relationship with a design agency is essential to ensuring all your projects are successful. We have the experience to deliver creative design solutions over a wide range of materials.

We do this by:
assigning a client designer
transparent charging
creating a relationship
Not an account manager but a designer that will have hands on experience with dealing with your design needs, building a strong relationship and forming a background knowledge of your company and its requirements, so that you don’t have to explain the same basic guidelines every time you start a new project.

This ensures standards are kept high and consistent across your branded materials.
Over time as the relationship grows we build up a close and better understanding of your company and its goals.

We can suggest ways of improving processes, how to become more efficient and how things can be progressed creatively - with the aim of moving your brand forward whilst maintaining that creative spark.
We have made this simple so that everyone understands what things cost. Before any project starts we will give you an estimate based on your project requirements, once you have confirmed this, we can proceed, book in the project and confirm schedules with you.

This way we avoid unexplained or unexpected charges on your final invoice.
As part of the relationship we form with our clients, we arrange review meetings and feedback sessions on past and upcoming projects.

This is an important part of building the trust between a design agency and its client, but also a time to listen.
Service levels have dropped over time, work becoming sub-standard
These factors erode trust and you as a client lose confidence in placing more work with the agency. You would like to rectify these problems but don’t have the knowledge to challenge these issues.
Missing a deadline can have an overall detrimental effect on your service/offering to your client. You might have been in one or more of the following situations:
Missing print deadlines
– You may have had a grand opening, a product launch or even an event, but a missed print deadline has meant you have nothing to give out.
So how can these situations be averted?
Apart from a wealth of experience and a team of designers we have various systems in place to ensure any project you place with Toast has a smooth and successful outcome.

These systems include:
project management systems
We book in projects once costs are agreed, giving you projected delivery dates that fit into your project schedules.

Deadlines are always taken in to account when booking in work!
constant feedback
We give you regular (daily if required) updates to ensure deadlines are maintained and managed.
assigning a key person
A point of contact who not only understands the project but will be working on it from start to finish. We also talk to each other so if your key contact is on lunch or out of the office there will be someone else who can help you.
sign off procedure
Before any project is sent to print we check not only the design but also any specific requirements for delivery, such as multiple addresses and time sensitive deliveries.

If requested we can also provide proof reading services or copy writing.
Getting the most from your budget is essential. Does your current agency seem to be overcharging and not really helping you get the most out of your budget?
Not seeing much for what I paid for
- I paid a lot of money and can’t see what this was spent on
These questions and more all add to the cloud of confusion when it comes to seeing exactly what you are paying for.
Toast’s design process
At Toast we follow a design process that is split into specific stages – content, concepts, development & artworking and production/printing.

By doing this you can see exactly what each stage costs and how the final invoice is calculated. Your clients might only see a printed brochure but there has been a lot of work put into previous stages that isn’t appreciated by the end-user.
the value of design
Toast create bespoke, tailored projects that are unique to your needs and aims, not something plucked off the shelf that is a template and reproduced multiple times.

This helps with achieving your aims as it is a considered approach and not an ad hock solution.
Growth by Design
After every project is completed the ongoing assessment of what can be done to improve, complement and promote that project is essential.

Toast offers workshops on many areas on how to do this, take a look at the following link on how
Growth by Design
can help you.
So what happens if I place a project with Toast?
Click on the right arrow below to
see how Toast can help
build a successful creative and productive relationship
Toast are a design agency that can help restore your trust
“We used and trust Toast for all of our brand and design requirements. They provide a excellent, professional service.”
Chris Buncombe
Halcyon Events Ltd
delivering design
Late delivery of materials to shows/exhibitions
– Leaving you stood next to a blank wall with nothing to show?
I don’t know who my point of contact is?
– You needed to make an amend or something wasn’t correct and there’s no-one who seems to know what is happening. Leaving you frustrated and in the lurch.
Delayed/mixed up delivery of materials
– The products all went out on time but to the wrong place, leaving you with a logistical nightmare when you have other things to do.
“We found Toast refreshing to work with. They were responsive, professional, friendly and creative at all times during the redesign of our new brochure. The design is bright and fresh and the new layout will help customers find the products they need more easily.”
Darren Parkes
Mogo Direct Ltd
The design agency seems to have lost interest
Costs have increased unexplained
The design agency doesn’t listen to your feedback and keep repeating the same errors
cost effective design
Seems expensive, why not use an online site for design?
- I can buy design off a website for far less
What am I paying for?
- you have given me a quote/invoice, but I don’t know what this was for
What happens next
- I have had a project designed, so what happens now?
See how Toast can help you make the most of your budget.
“The brand awareness that Toast has of KOHLER UK, makes the process much easier and has resulted in various pieces of consumer literature that not only showcase the product portfolio but also the brand itself.

The brochures have been received well from our retailers and are a great base from which to grow sales in the UK market.”
Stephanie Matthews
Channel Manager
see what we do
we gather your content
Take a look at the steps we go through with you
once costs and deadlines have been agreed
we create concepts
Example concepts
set-up a content workshop
if required by project
which are then delivered
which are developed, and applied to multiple materials
get in touch
01295 266644





this includes:
brochures & leaflets
exhibitions & PoS
magazines, books & journals
corporate communications
electronic publishing
direct mail & advertising
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