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The Plan

No description

Kimberly Schmidt

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Plan

Same Great Extras for Our Members
No-Haggle, Flat Mark-Up, Genuine Cap. Cost
60-Day Safety Net
3-Day Return Policy
We Will Still Take Member Trade-In Vehicles Same Great Staff
Donna, Jenny, Kate, Mary, Steve & Tim Used Car Sales - Yup, Used Car Sales

We can still sell the lease vehicles that our members turn in when their lease is done... we just have to make sure they meet Wisconsin Safety Standards...

We can also sell the trade-in vehicles that are part of lease transactions and reposessed vehicles... Traditional Lease Program
Lease a New or Used Vehicle
Low Monthly Payments
No Required Down Payment
Customized Mileage Allowance
Less Costly Early Lease Termination Options
New Car Referral Network
Work with Authorized Dealer Personnel
Low, Haggle Free Pricing on New & Used Vehicles
Invoice Printouts
Fair Value Evaluations for Trade-In Vehicles

We can help members looking for a used vehicle too!
Great Add-On Products Well Below Dealer Pricing
Intercontinental Warranty Service
- Covers Over 12,000 Parts
- Less Costly than Traditional Dealership Warranty
- Accepted at Most Dealerships & Repair Facilities
The Plan:
Lease with the Option to Buy Out the Lease after 4 Months No Down Payment or Security Deposit Required Monthly Lease Payments Closley Match a Monthly Loan Payment Convenient Lease to Finance Process GAP Included During the Lease Period Educators Will Pay the Title Fee to Transfer from Lease to Own only during the 4th - 6th month of the lease New Lease Vocabulary

Can't Say: Can Say:
-Purchase/Purchase Price -Lease/Lease Agreement
-Genuine Price -Genuine Cap Cost
-Sell -Lease
-Purchase Contract -Lease Contract Lease to Own Summary

Step One-Determine the approximate payment if the car was financed under a traditional loan. Because no acquisition fees will be added to the lease, the Cap Cost will be the same amount as the purchase price in a traditional purchase transaction. Lease to Own Summary

Step Two-Deduct any trade amount or
downpayment amount from the Cap. Cost.

Lease to Own Summary

Step Three-Add sales tax and registration fees to
the Cap Cost. Lease to Own Summary

Step Four-Figure the estimated monthly
payments based on a traditional loan term
the member chooses.
Lease to Own Summary

Step Five-Lease terms will be calculated based on the
same monthly payments over a term one year less than
a traditional loan.
Lease to Own Summary

Step Six-The loan payoff and the lease buy-out
will be close to the same balance .
Lease Payment Reminders

Leases can only be paid one time per month.
Members cannot pay ahead on a lease.
Payments made before the lease due date, must be posted to the Lease Payment Share and will be transfered on the due date.
If the payment is late, contact an employee with a level 9 override so the payment can be posted manually.
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