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Marketing Case Study: Starbucks

Starbucks expansion to China: The Land of Tea

Shelby Robinson

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Case Study: Starbucks

Expansion to China Starbucks Starbucks 2015 Legal Structures Adapting to China China's Yuppies Culture & Environment Tastes & Needs Marketing Struggles and Hopeful Solution Acculturation Loyalty Hesitation The Struggle May 2011 Starbucks “Growing Together” Competing for Brand Loyalty Background Starbucks Everywhere
Challenge Area layout Total:
>700 stores "THE LAND OF TEA" Health Focus! = Wellness Advocacy Wellness Expertise & Partners Highlight Nutrition in Signs & Labeling Team Focus Community Partners Starbucks App for that. RESULTS Reassured of Starbucks genuine concern for Chinese Customer Wellness Health concern addressed Balanced Menu Respectable nutrition awareness & promotion efforts Respected Nutrition Awareness Using technology to get ahead and create convenience Technology Getting to know the community by creating partnerships with mutual advertisement Community Relationships Made more customers proud to make Starbucks part of their personal wellness image Brand Loyalty Able to expand healthy options based on popular findings for cultural foods Starbucks exceeds 1,500 China store goal by 2015
Strategy is applied around the world
Business grows globally The Future! ... Case Study by: Shelby Robinson-Abad Best Choice?
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